Customs / import fees?

A guy is selling his NOLO VR, and he claims everyone gets import / customs fees to pay on top of the NOLO VR price, unless they get lucky and are not checked in customs.

Seems to me that the shipping parter that NOLO uses makes sure that we do not get import / customs fees on them.

I did not get any fee. Anyone here did get the fee? The UK seems especially relevant. Also, where did the tracking say the packages came from regarding the shipping?


  • I paid some kind of fee in Canada ($10 or so?) but I don't know if it was a customs/import fee or just a fee to have it shipped to the post office instead of my house
  • UK is customs free for the nolo
  • I am from the UK. Got import fees :(
  • Strange... where you part of the first or second Kickstarter shipment Booty156?
  • CAD 11.50$
  • First and me friend in Holland got import charges is well
  • It isn't strange, on all items I brought from China I have to pay the fees
  • Well, the strange part is that it seems NOLO had a distributor company that seemed to take care of it, by first importing the NOLO kits to another country first, and then delivering it from that country. Maybe that country has less  or no import tax, but it seems pretty rare that people got import charges on these.
  • Not how mine went. Delivery straight to the royal mail from China. Same with me friend. She got hers sent to her country and not to anywhere else first. Quite a few people on KickStarter has said there was custom/import fees. 
  • Okay... strange.
  • Caldor it's not that strange this how it works for the UK and some other places too.
  • Its how it works for all of Europe... the strange thing is why they would do it differently for some apparently. Of course, it could be a general thing for those in the UK with just some of them being lucky that it got past customs. But the one in Holland? That is where I got mine from, so it would seem strange for them not to first get it to a storage facility with customs being taken care of by others.
  • I live in USA i dont get fee
  • Also in the states... delivered yesterday and no fees.
  • In Uruguay almost 80 dollars of fees :(
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