Very simple ceiling mount (Poor man ver)

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Fixed to fluorescent lamp using double-sided adhesive tape


  • You should get some velcro tape instead, then its easy to put up and take down.

  • @Caldor Wow! Thank u. But for me now, double-sided adhesive tape is enough.
  • On the subject of mounting to the ceiling, do you have any ideas on how we could get a charging cable plugged into it while it's up there so we can still play if the battery gets low?  (My base station always dies before the controllers do)
  • @Ghostmij17 That's why I fixed my base station to a fluorescent light. There is space between the ceiling and the fluorescent lamp and the base station is fixed to the fluorescent lamp. So I can charge the base station by connecting the charging cable
  • Yeah, it has annoyed me a bit as well, since the base station seems to be able to go about 2 hours on a charge I think. One solution I am considering is simply to use my current tape and put something else up there that is about 2cm thick, and tape my base station to that, making room for the USB cable for charging. Then I just need a good way to get the cable to be able to reach it.
  • i have idea keep in plugin lol

  • @Jazneo That's the idea, but the problem is getting a cable to plug into the base station while the it is mounted to the ceiling.  The back of the base station is what goes against the ceiling, and that is where the charging port is
  • put a bracket up  enough so  you have room put the cord in it 
  • Yup, that is what I am thinking as well, put something on the ceiling to be in between the base station and the ceiling, placed so that you can put the charger cable in it.

    But it does seem to have power for about 2 hours, and I rarely play that long in one go. So not sure I am going to bother... also it seems important that the base station is as high as possible.
  • I used the plastic bag the base came in were it was tight fit with face pointed down. Use 3 or 4 push pins to ceiling. Works but the nolo does not.
  • @Waymos the plastic is covering the front of the base station? It needs to be able to send the IR LED beams out the front. It also needs to be very stable.

    Really I recommend not using 360 mode and instead using RiftCat untethered if you have an Android phone though.
  • @bigelowed why do you not recommend ceiling (360) mode?
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    It doesn't work in the wireless mode yet and the way it is now is close to a lucky hack (NOLO team basically admitted this).

    Software alternatives like the double tap 180 degree turn or the better Driver4VR software give you the ability to rotate and move with the controller instead.

    In front facing you get good tracking when bent down to the ground or standing or anywhere in between as long as you don't block the head marker, while ceiling mode tracking starts to go bad as you change height or bend over.
  • The bag part is opened for me and not blocking the sensor. Was smart enough to know better than that. Also used the Kids' tattoo sleeve.
  • Ah okay, I still recommend wireless as it doesnt rely on the NOLO software
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