Anyone else get kicked from Altspace lobbies when using Nolo?

Ever since I started using Nolo, I always get kicked from lobbies in Altspace at random intervals that say, "There was a problem with your account.  Please contact support".  It's frustrating because it will work for a little, but then right as I get into it it'll kick me off.

Btw, their support was no help, lol


  • Every time I run the oculus game the climb, I get frustrated by the message "Can not connect to your account"
  • Huh, that is strange.  What's up with the sudden account issues (in select games) then with Nolo?  I'm almost positive that it's a Nolo issue with Altspace, as I've played it with Riftcat and keyboard before no issues
  • Try if this makes any difference:

    "This driver for SteamVR/OpenVR forces any loaded device driver to return Vive model names for HMD and controllers so that any application with an explicit check for it runs regardless of the used VR headset or motion controller."

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    @Zunhs That'll definitely be worth a try, thanks!  No idea if it'll work, but I'll let you know!
  • Ghostmij17: Good luck!
  • @Zunhs Gave it a shot; I don't think it did anything :/
  • Ghostmij17: Do you remember if the controllers looked like Vive controllers?
  • @Zunhs They did; but only for a few seconds while the game loads in-game hands to replace the controllers.  So in-game, you don't really see the controllers, just hands
  • @Zunhs I'll give that a shot with RecRoom. I raised a issue on the github with a problem that you get kicked in RecRoom for being inactive. The RecRoom devs said it might be because my phone + hmd + noloVR doesnt have a proximity sensor. Maybe that PseudoVive will fix it
  • wully: I think you should report that to Riftcat. Maybe they can modify their Fake sensor setting to include fake proximity sensor data.
  • @wully That happens to me too in Rec Room!  Primarily paintball I think, but I haven't played that game all too much
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