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I have not tried all of these yet so feel free to report if something on this list is not useful for use together with Nolo VR.
Nolo VR
Nolo VR - Windows driver supports the 360 degree dll plugin
Nolo VR - ceiling driver
Android app: Nolo Tetris by 凌宇智控
Android app: virtual tour in an art gallery by Daven Bigelow
Backup archive of Nolo drivers for Windows
For example the floor fix is useful
Force walking movement
Remap buttons
Driving wheel and joystick
Force to be recognized as Vive
Bigscreen is a social virtual desktop app for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift that lets you use your computer in VR. Play your favorite PC games, have a virtual LAN party, draw with 3D markers, watch movies with friends in a virtual theater, or hang out by the campfire.
OVRdrop is a Utility Application for SteamVR that can mirror a Desktop Window, an entire Monitor, or a WebCam into a Cross Game SteamVR Overlay.

Feel free to add your own suggestions.



    Let's you completely customize your chaperone bounds, all while in VR!  This one is really great, especially if your room is a little on the small side but still want to have the chaperone boundaries.

    I know for me, it will sometimes reset on me in some goofey configuration when I startup Steam VR, but I think if you backup the actual chaperone file in the steam folder after using and saving with the tweak, you should be able to simply replace the new messed up one with the backup when that happens (haven't tested that yet tho)
  • This ought to be pinned I think, its very useful.
  • There is an Android app called VirtualHere that might enable wireless connection for the head marker: ( link ). I have not gotten it to work yet but three users have reported success on the Kickstarter page.
  • @Zunhs That looks really cool!  I would totally try that out..  If I didn't already invest so much time in wires, lol.  Also, I doubt you could use that with the 2016 GearVR?  (I'm not sure if it would work not)
  • Ghostmij17: you need to be able to connect the short USB cable between your phone and the head tracker for VirtualHere to detect the head tracker. I am not familiar with the GearVR, unfortunately.
  • Vrchat let you import 3d model from unity and big social 3d chat room thing it cool see what people can make in it
  • @Zunhs Gotcha.  See, from what I've been picking up, you cannot tether to PC with the new GearVR, but you can use the Nolo headset marker for mobile VR.  I have no clue how that is the case, but because it's goofy like that I'm not sure if that app would read it correctly
  • @Ghostmij17 You can use VirtualHere on the 2016 GearVR, that's what I'm doing.

    The reason why you can't tether is a limitation of the usb port. Since the GearVR itself is considered to be a USB device, the phone can't have a connected device and tether at the same time. However, adding an extra device on the external port works well. (That's why you can also use a USB Ethernet adapter to create a wired connection to your LAN in place of tethering.)
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    Playing games wireless using VirtualHere works good 5 seconds and then freezes 1.5 seconds. Repeat cycles of 5s working and 1.5s freeze. It might be because Steam is taking screen-shots automatically (even when I am not touching the controllers). I am trying to find out how to disable screen-shots in SteamVR and/or find out why it keeps taking screen-shots.
  • Regarding WalkInVR. You have to run Nolo and have the controllers recognized before running WalkInVR. Otherwise it does not work even if the controllers show up later in WalkInVR program if you start Nolo after.
  • There is a Nolo VR subreddit:

    VRidge/RiftCat subreddit:
  • This deserves another bump
  • Driver4VR has a lot more features now, and is cheaper than WalkinVR
    DailyVR from steam is a good try too, it's an app to mirror desktop window as well, you can do muti-screens and check messages with it. Personly I think it's easier to use. 

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