NOLO requires Internet?

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This was pretty disappointing. My ISP is a bit unreliable and I was without Internet just as I was about to play some VR games. I figured it was a good time to see which if these games would run without Internet in Steam offline mode.

Steam opened in offline mode just fine, then Riftcat, I needed to enter my e-mail and password, but then it also allowed me to enter its offline mode, but before I got to try anything, I noticed my NOLO app had crashed. So I opened it again, but as soon as I move the controllers or the headset, it crashed again.

I tried closing Riftcat and Steam, then open the NOLO app, and it still crashed as soon as any movement was detected of the controllers or the headset. When the Internet connection got back up, it stopped crashing.

I see this as a pretty big bug. I hope it will be fixed soon, I hate when my software demands an Internet connection, especially when its software that should require Internet even less than most my other software. Also, if someone is playing VR games and the Internet connection drops out a second or two... NOLO would crash for sure... please fix this.


  • I've used NOLO without an internet connection for the past 2 days, I think you're experiencing a crash with the software, which is expected as the driver and software is still under heavy development.
  • Strange, yes I did another test and this time it worked fine without Internet. Hmmm... I have not tried with everything offline again though I just tried with NOLO alone, but that was enough before.

    Strange... I guess nvm then
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