When can we expect bug fixes?

There are no shortage of bugs right now with Nolo (throwing, bad touchpad emulation, odd - kick/idle bugs), but is there any actual plan to fix this stuff?  It's just been a while since I've really heard anything actually from the Nolo team, and I haven't heard these issues even being acknowledged yet.


  • +1 because it's important.
    I understant that a team can be overloaded with work they did not expect. I know the hesitation to give a statement when the way forward is unclear due to stress.
    I still think Nolo needs to communicate more than it does right now.
  • The throwing seems much better now to me. Not sure when you last updated. Bad touchpad emulation? Never had any issues with the touchpads.

    My only issue is the tracking, with the blind spots, but the only fix for that would be support for an additional base station.
  • @Caldor

    Sounds like your experience has been a little better than mine, lol, but I am pretty nit-picky with this stuff.

    Throwing for whatever reason is still really bad for me.  I'm currently editing a video to upload on YouTube of me and a friend playing SportsBarVR where darts is nearly impossible to play during a portion of it.  Less precise throwing like tossing bottles usually is okay, but games that require you to hit something by throwing/tossing seem to be a no-go for me.

    The touchpad on Nolo doesn't cover the whole Vive controller touchpad; if you look at the white dot while running your finger along the perimeter of the touchpad on your Nolo controller (in the Steam Overlay/Big Picture), you will notice that it will reach most ways to the bottom, but it only goes 2/3 the way up to the top of the Vive controller.  Very noticeable in some games (Pavlov)

    And yeah, the loss of tracking when sensors are blocked definitely sucks, but I consider it a limitation rather than an issue.  One base station where the sensor has to be visible isn't going to be able to see the sensors all the time.
  • Has anyone tried the new beta drivers they released today?
  • Oh, yes throwing has become better, but it is in no way precise. Its just hat in the beginning, throwing of any kind more than 1 feet was almost impossible.

    Right now the main problem is being able to throw consistently and precisely.

    I will test out the touch controllers again.
  • Not tried the new beta update, but i've been raising bug issues on the github so the dev team see them.
  • Seems new non-beta drivers also just got released. 0.7
  • Yeah, those drivers aren't working for; it sees my controllers, but not my head marker :/  I was also on driver version 0.5 before because 0.6 was giving me issues
  • Ghostmij17: do you use it mounted in the ceiling?
  • @Zunhs Yes; I've seen others use it tho with no problems, but also others with problems so I'm not too sure
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