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Am i missing something, I've just got my nolo and I've set it all up, everything has a green light, it can be seen in riftcat, I've change the tracking option to free tracking, but when i start steam my view is looking at the floor in the home location and it won't move from there, I'm using the latest Windows driver and a different cable for my phone because I'm having the same issues as a lot of other people with the supplied cable. 

Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Have you tried putting your headset on the floor (in the center of your available area) and pressing the button on the head marker? (The same one you use to pair it) This calibrate the floor height and should allow you to stand above the floor from that point on.
  • The latest driver right now is 0.7. Some have having problems with it, so you might want to try the 0.6 driver.
  • When I use 0.7 it does not track my headset properly.
  • I'll try the 0.6 tonight, hopefully that will be it, but i thought that it's strange that i get no tracking at all and can't see the controllers on the screen, are these the sort of problems people have been having? 
  • managed to sort it, i didn't realise you had to run the Nolo program, i thought that just installed the drivers and provided info if you needed it.. just need to fine tune it now, the controllers seem to be slightly behind  me.
  • @belly Please try to double click the power button on the controller to calibrate the orientation.
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