controllers too close to body

in a VR environment my controllers feel like they are not completely accurate, it feels as if they need to be about another 2-3 inches in front of me and also they sometimes seem as if they are too much to the right. I do double click the system button and sometimes this will straighten them, but they still feel too close to my body. does anybody know how to change this?


  • Occasionally they are off to the side for me. Usually this happens when I recenter them but am not facing the base station perfectly. Peak out of your headset, look straight at the base station while holding the controllers in front of your head and recenter them. That usually does it for me.

    Too close to the body, no I don't know about that. Do you have any experience with other VR controllers? Compared to my PSVR the Nolo feels similar.
  • Thanks I'll see if this helps with them being off to the side.. i use the Vive daily at work, so i know how they are meant to feel. I think it might be to do with position of my headset marker, i use the bobo z4 headset and the only place to put the marker is right at the very front of the headset, so I'm thinking that it thinks my head is further forward than it actually is.. I'll test it tonight. 
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