my controllers don't give feedback

my controllers will vibrate when i turn them on, so the motors work but nothing during games.. is it possible to re-install the firmware or are there any other suggestions?


  • It's down to the driver/app you're using. I've incorporated haptic feedback into my SteamVR driver for Nolo and can confirm that it works.
  • Ah! Where do i get your driver?
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    @belly well, @iVRy codes it wink I think it's called iVRy actually on iTunes ( Android release soon ? ), and it's sort of like a replacement for RiftCat I think!
  • so it's not a window driver? and if it isn't available yet, is everyone in the same position as me without haptic feedback
  • I think it's for iPhone right now (and Windows PC?) and I am fairly sure I have felt vibration feedback in some games with NOLO, is there a chance your games don't have it or don't have it enabled?
  • From my time spent playing Audioshield, I can confirm that the haptic feedback is working just fine with the Nolo controllers.
  • I would have thought it would be on by default.. is there a setting in steam vr or the nolo driver? 
  • @belly I meant it depends on the driver you're using for your HMD (Riftcat, Nolo OSVR or whatever) for SteamVR. SteamVR asks the driver to do a haptic feedback pulse and the driver should ask the Nolo hardware to do it. I'd start with something that you know should be giving feedback as not all games do. My driver is only useful for someone using my app on a iPhone (and soon Android). I was just using it to illustrate that if a driver asks the Nolo hardware to make the haptic pulse it complies.

    So long story short, you need a game that actually has haptic feedback, then you need to use it with a Nolo-compatible driver for your HMD that actually supports that.
  • I haven't seen any settings for it, it's always been on for me. But as iVRy said, make sure that whatever you're playing is supposed to give haptic feedback in the first place.
  • @Zomby ; @iVRy the archery on the lab for example, i know this does when you pull back the bow as I've played it on a Vive, but it doesn't work on mine.. 
  • Well, there's a bunch of other things that can go wrong too... The OpenVR (SteamVR) API specifies haptic feedback in terms of axis and duration, whereas the Nolo API specifies it in terms of intensity. The most logical initial way to map that is to just give the duration in microseconds that SteamVR is requesting and give that to Nolo as an intensity (as Nolo gives no suggestions as to what the range of intensities should be). I haven't tested it enough to see what the lowest value that you can feel is, nor the highest, so it could be that this sets too low a value for you to feel.

    Then there are bugs in SteamVR itself which sometimes cause the haptic stuff not to work.

    Also, maybe the Nolo software doesn't trigger haptic pulses sometimes (I certainly couldn't tell you if it always works or not, because I'm more focused on getting tracking etc. to work reliably than that and I would expect any other driver developer to be the same).

    Short story, if your controllers vibrate when you turn them on there is nothing wrong with them. Nolo software is pre-release (0.7), whatever drivers you're using probably are too. So, don't worry about it right now, and if your driver is made by Nolo, log an issue on their Github for the Nolo driver and they may look at it. If you post bugs here noone from Nolo will ever see them, as that is the place to report bugs, not here... :wink:

  • iVRy  I am using 0.7, but I presume other people are that have their haptic feedback working, so i wonder why mine is different.. thanks, i'll post something on Github and see if they come back with anything to try.
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