Will there be a touch pad fix?

It still hasn't really been addressed, but the touch pad is not 1:1 with the Vive's when playing games; the outer circle of the Nolo touchpad doesn't emulate the Vive's in-game.  It might seem like a minor issue, but it can make a big difference in games that use the touch pad.


  • what game has the problem?
  • @Jazneo It's all of them!  The issue is with the way the touch pad is getting mapped to the emulated Vive controller touch pad
  • guess they just have shrink the touch pad code circle to actally make it fit. is the vive controller trackpad bigger then nolo vr controller trackpad

  • "You're holding it wrong"... I just checked this and it depends where the lowest point of your thumb is touching. If I use the tip of my thumb I can get all the way to all of the edges. If I leave my thumb more flat it only gets as far as the lowest point my thumb is touching on the touchpad. Same for left hand side, where it uses the right-most edge of my thumb.

    Nothing can be done for this outside of Nolo changing the firmware for the controller. They would have to use highest point of thumb when it's above center and lowest point when it's below center. Leftmost point when it's left of center, rightmost point when it's right of center.
  • @iVRy I've been using Nolo for a while now noticing this issue and I can say for certain that it sadly doesn't matter how I use my fingers, it is impossible to reach the top.  Maybe it varies per controller and is a hardware issue?  Regardless, they should allow it to be calibrated or something; run your finger along the circle or something for it to map it out per-controller if that is the case.  Otherwise, I really wish they'd just fix it.  It is impossible for me to run at max speed in Pavlov because I can't reach the top
  • @Ghostmij17 Log a bug in the Github for the Nolo driver for Windows, otherwise noone who can fix it will ever see the bug report. That is the place to report bugs, not here. :wink:
  • @Ghostmij17  Thank you for your feedback! We will look into it.
  • @admin Eyyyyy, awesome, thank you!
  • yea best give feedback at there github as well so the developer can see it 
  • edited July 2017
    The more bugs we can find the better then can update it. basically test there products 
  • @admin This is still and issue and has yet to be fixed. The trackpad is indeed 'too small' and preventing the edges of the emulated vive trackpad to be pressed. Please don't forget about this problem, as it effects every steamvr title.
  • @admin "We will look into it" (from July 20)... well, here we are two months down the road. Any plans to update?
  • @admin Look here, just look how many months its been without a reply or any bit of effort to fix this issue. Come on Nolo, get your act together, very unprofessional. You are only hurting your sales and reputation from people who know about the lack of software support and effort your put into your controllers...
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