Tracking is rotated 90 degrees to the right

I recieved my NOLO and was crazy excited. I immediately started unboxing it and looking at all the pieces and instructions. I got it all set up, and when I actually started trying to play a game, my hand tracking was way off and my head tracking felt odd. After I noticed that moving my hand straight forward moved it straight right, moving it right move it straight back, etc. I finally put together that for some reason my NOLO tracking is for some reason rotated a quarter circle horizontally. Anyone have any ideas as to why?


  • Try double-clicking the power button on one of the controllers.
  • That makes the hands face the correct direction but they're still being sent to the right if I stick my hand forward.
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    try double-clicking the power/system button or the menu button on both controllers simultaneously or not. if that not fixing it, try restarting your computer. try reinstalling the driver if it still not fixed but uninstall the driver first. you have to face the base station because that is the center or forward. 
  • Double-clicking the power button is the Nolo "recenter" gesture, so make sure you're facing the direction you want as forward when you do that. You don't have to double-click both controllers simultaneously, but sometimes you need to do it on both as only doing it on one will leave the other controller rotated 90 degrees (although it will still move correctly).
  • So I guess I was just confused as to where to look. Looking in any direction other than the right one results in out of place hands and in some cases the issue I described originally, but even in the right direction my hands don't reach out as far, high, or low as I'd like. Am I still doing something wrong or is the NOLO really this imprecise? The hands in GORN are so wrong that as I sit here typing this my hands look like they're in the wrong place because I just spent 40 minutes feeding my brain weird location information.
  • I'm watching a video of someone else playing it and it seems to be working fine, so I guess ceiling mounting is the way to go. Guess I'll get on that and hope it works out better for me.
  • dont be to close to  base  need be little far away from it 
  • @gk99 How far the controllers appear away from you is related to your HMD, and is dependent on the lenses, the size of your screen, and the accuracy of your HMD driver when it comes to doing lens distortion. I measured the values put out by the controllers (with a tape measure) and they are in meters, as they should be, and are fairly accurate (error of less than 5cm per meter).
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    need HMD actually support nolo vr  if they dont you will have problem they have do little update to there headset 
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    I've got a GearVR and I was a good 10 ft from the base station.

    Also the error shouldn't just be "less than 5cm", it should be around 2mm. That's what they advertise, that's what I expect.
  • I tried turning my NOLO VR ceiling mounted base station, and it caused a pretty big problem with getting controllers and base station to align and sync, even though I did the SteamVR room setup again and such. I ended up turning it back the way it used to turn.
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    I tried mounting it to my ceiling and it was even worse, no matter what direction I oriented it, the hands were nowhere close to where they should be. And yes, I had the ceiling mount driver. I regret saying that it shouldn't be "less than 5cm," because at this point I wish I could get a 5cm margin of error. I can't even play Surgeon Simulator, my hands won't go low enough.

    Probably just going to sell it, like everyone else on the NOLO reddit, and buy a Rift instead. It's a shame, because I really, really wanted this to work.
  • @gk99 Sorry about the problems caused. May I know if you move the headset marker straight forward, will you move to the right in VR too? Have your tried the Steam VR room setup? Could you please shoot a video of the problem and send it to We are trying to figure out the cause on our end.

    Apology for the inconvenience caused.
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