Live Stream: anyone interested in asking questions/watching?

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Hey everyone, this is gonna be one of my first posts not complaining about all the bugs I come across with Nolo XD  I'm gonna be streaming some Nolo gameplay tonight around 7:30 PM EST on YouTube so that anyone who wants to can ask me anything relating to Nolo + SteamVR or just watch me play some games with it.  Of course, I'm no Nolo expert, but I'm having a great time with it and wanna share what I'm learning! (maybe you can even help me a little)

I'll be live here:
around ~7:30 EST tonight if anyone is interested


  • Thanks to you, it was a great time.
  • @VRMan Hey, thanks man, lol.  I was pretty sick, super sick yesterday tho I didn't do anything but lay around.

    I also just got an S8 and need to trade in my S6 so my old gear VR won't work; I can't decide if I wanna drop 70 bucks on the gear VR that'll work with my S8, or just get like the Bobovr headset that's around 30/40.  Do you have a recommendation?

    I'm just concerned about head tracking; the gear VR was very good at head tracking and not needing to rely on nolo for that, but do you think I'll have an issue using nolo exclusively being so used to gear VR head tracking?
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     I'm so sorry that you were sick :(  I like Baofeng Mojing IV the most. But the disadvantage is that the magnification of the lens is a little high. I think nolo should only be responsible for positional tracking. This issue will definitely be resolved if you ask riftcat.
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