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Hello everyone,

Some quick thoughts about my initial experience with Nolo, Unity engine and VR dev in general.

I have spend this week working in Unity with Nolo, mostly learning stuff and experimenting. During this time I have come to underestanding that VR really is a new and experimental tech and there are no real standarts or guidelines on how to do things the right way which is not a bad thing as it gives all of us a chance to explore and develop interesting things. Another lesson I have learned is that my game is sort of technically challenging, atleast for a VR newcommer such as myself and will not be so easy to make, on the other side this is also exciting as I get to experiment with different solutions.

After having a play with the Unity Nolo SDK examples, I have found out the prototypes there are a bit lacking (sorry) and have decided that the best way to learn using VR a improve my skills would be to expand the library of SDK prototypes which I will share with all of you.

I started experimenting and building my own physics based interaction system and I know this has been done before on other VR platforms, but I think it would be nice to have one such system included in Nolo SDK for everyone to use out of the box and help Nolo and Unity more open and faster to develop with.

So far you can pickup items, switch them between hands and pull levers.

Also check out my work in progress gun protype :smile:

 ... which I want to use in a mobile shooting tech demo to showcase Nolo. This will hopefully release next week.

I would like to hear if you agree, have similiar experience or I'm completely off  :smirk:

Also please share what you guys are working on ! 



  • Hi,

    I have somewhat released a playable build. You can get the apk in the description below this video on youtube. Its aim is to be a Nolo presentation game similiar to NoloTetris. Maybe expanded or turned into a game in the future. This build is a "beta"

    Please enjoy :)

  • Very cool Kubos! :)
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    Thanks to you, I enjoyed myself.

    It was a little uncomfortable to keep pressing the touchpad to catch the gun.

    I left a review in my community http://cafe.naver.com/vrmaniac/48349

    I support you.

  • Very nice :) I am busy with another project these days as I have a deadline in 5 days, I hope to give VR development a go after that.
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    Great, thanks guys :smile:

    I underestand it might not be comfortable to hold the touchpad. It is because the gun uses same behaviour as any item you hold, but I didnt think it might be not the best for long term holding such as weapons
    I think I will add an option to snap items or weapons to controllers and to allign them with controlers automatically.

    I have made a quick fix this morning 

    - added camerarecenter on Right nolo menu double click

    - moved the nolo manager a little forward so player do not have to stand so close to base station to reach gun therefore has better tracking

    - changed item hold logic to prevent some behaviour bugs

    Get it here :


    - moved the camera recenter to the same button as controller recenter (default by nolo) -> double tap system/power button

    - the new setup where the player is required to stay further back might be too far for smaller areas so there are now two builds

    Standart build 4 :

    Small room build 4 :

  • very nice, i'll play right now!

  • @Caldor ;
    Give it a try, I just started don't know what to think yet. I'm doing my own interactions and stuff so its not very easy. I havent tried other sdk, as I wanted to learn and do things myself. 

    The most challenging thing for me is to find the logic and build the assets to work properly with VR and Physics rather than the code
  • A batch of experimental builds have been released. Should offer improved resolution and better fit for your phone. Select build for a device which size and resolution are closest to your device for best experience. 

    You can grab them here: https://goo.gl/CByMjv
  • I have a release tomorrow, so wont have time to test today.
  • New UPDATE !

    I have implemented a basic level of weapon snap mode which will allign the guns to your controllers and will not require you to hold buttons.

    Due to the game not having any desing or plan and was programmed on the go, there are things that cannot be simply improved or fixed. Therefore this project will be abandoned, but I will make a cleanup and design the game properly and rewrite it from scratch. Furthermore I would like to continue work on the  prototypes and share my source codes with you.

    In the meantime please enjoy the new update (build 7)

    Get it from here:

    + Weapon snap mode added
    + Throwable discs you can shoot 
    + Button Remaps
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    Hello everyone, the sourcode is now available for free. You can grab it here. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Akx_FBw1mpB49gM7QGJwPhyjpdhg

    The code is commented and should be clear. Hope its helpful to someone, by the way it is not very good as its a result of experimenting :blush:
  • Thanks for sharing @Kubos! :)
  • Thanks for sharing.  I did start learning c++ again a couple of weeks ago ,after I ditched university a couple years ago for an job as paramedic. Now with VR my old interest in programming and developing things is back and I will learn it again and do a new attempt for university with distance learning. For my first vr programming I will do a simple retro game with unreal engine. And I really am looking forward to all the problems and solutions with all the different controllers and sdk.

    I do use github for version control and code sharing. Maybe have a look at it. It's way simpler than sharing a one drive with a bunch of files :-)
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