NOLO controllers not detected by game

I've experienced my first incompatibility with the NOLO controllers in a VR game. Ultrawings, a flight sim game just released on Steam, doesn't detect the NOLO controllers as Vive ones and therefore the game can only be played with a gamepad. I'm not sure if this problem stems from the NOLO drivers or the data that RiftCat sends to steamVR, but I just wanted to put this out there and see if this has happened in any other games for other users. So far every other game I've tested has worked perfectly so the issue is not widespread, but it does exist and might affect more titles in the future.


  • I expect that this is probably due to the game looking for a Vive or Oculus headset and not finding either. You can try using the "fake Vive" utility that's around somewhere.
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    FakeVive didn't work unfortunately. They must have a different method of checking the hardware that NOLO/RiftCat aren't satisfying.

    EDIT: it seems like FakeVive is a similarly named program with slightly different goals than what I was looking for. PseudoVive however, as mentioned in the "useful VR drivers..." thread, actually does work! Thanks for the help!
  • Aniki6579: Does RecRoom show Vive controllers for you?
  • @Zunhs In my experience, I can see the Vive controllers in RecRoom but in a few of the mini games (paintball being one of them) it starts the 'you are inactive' countdown and kicks me with no way to stop it despite playing the game
  • Hi,
    I've bought ultrawings yesterday. The nolocontrollers aren't still detected. I searched the fakevive utillity, but the downloadside is down. Do you know another solution. The trackpad is working of the the controllers, but thants it...
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