Acer V17 Nitro BE GTX860M Windows 10 Note4 GearVR , can't get things to work properly.

Hello all, as the title says I have an Acer V17 Nitro BlackEdition with a GTX860M and Windows 10, and I can't get things to work properly. I was first able to see the controllers and the head marker after doing a restart but was having issues with my Note 4 and my GearVR. I removed the GearVR software and disabled NFC because everytime I got it working on the PC I would put my phone in and then it would just kick off the gear VR software even if Riftcat was opened and ready on my phone. 

Once I removed it, I was able to load up Riftcat and then see the SteamVR game I was trying to play through the phone and it would move around using the phone's gyro, but as soon as I put it in the GearVR it would stop moving. It then still kept saying that it didn't see the headset marker and the controllers. I kept resetting and it eventually saw one of the controllers, but then the other one was just blinking its light on it but still didn't see the headset marker. I tried resyncing and power cycling the base station a few times and resyncing but never was able to get it to see all 3 devices.

Am I doing something out of order? Do you need to open things on the PC, and then sync, then open on the phone in a specific manner? It has been 3 days I have been trying to get this to work and then get angry and just put it away and do something else.

I really want to play the Hotdogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades game I bought on steam, so if anyone has any information that might be useful, I would appreciate it. 


  • First, were you using the GearVR version of Riftcat or the regular cardboard version from the Play Store? I suggest you get the GearVR version instead of disabling the services on your phone.
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    I was using the GearVR version, it kept pulling up the GearVR right away no matter what though. (VRidge)
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    Looks like I may have done it wrong, I have constructvr, but dont see vridge in it for gearvr, I also dont have that in the list of available apps in the constructvr for some reason. The tutorial I watched said it should be there? I had just downloaded vridge from their site link / play store.
  • Any known reason why I might not see it in the list?
  • I finally got it all working, but it keeps putting me basically underground, not sure how to make it orientate to my height  : / one step at a time I guess.
  • put your headset on the floor. then click the button on head marker. that will reset your ground but it bound to not work it either the setting from your steamvr or your are using wrong setup like you are using ceiling mode but your dll is for 180 tracking.
  • I ended up getting things working *ok* after putting it on the floor to orient it, but I have had a ton of trouble with this thing so I just upped and bought the new Oculus Rift Touch bundle with an extra camera instead. I will just sell the Nolo I guess.
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