Now it's possible try wireless playing for Steam VR with NOLO !!!

Hello, I can confirm that wireless playing for Steam VR with NOLO is working!  Today I have successfully tried Cardboard and Gear VR with Android VirtualHere USB Server ( + windows client ( with NOLO 0.7.2 driver.

My configuration is:

1) Cardboard
  • Bobo VR Z4
  • LG G4
  • VRidge 1.4 Beta
  • NOLO CV1
2) Gear VR
  • GearVR SM-323
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • VRidge 1.4 Beta for GearVR (from ConstructVR)
  • NOLO CV1
+ dual band 5G wireless router TPLink Archer C58

While playing, I sometimes have problems pushing the system button itself (showing SteamVR menu) and sometimes making a screenshot. Riftcat is not very stable and I often have to restart the whole system (mobile and PC).


  • Very cool! Glad to see that it's already possible at this stage / before RiftCat updates to support wireless NOLO built-in! :smiley:

    Great work finding that out!
  • Interesting data...
    Now, some silly question... very silly, but where is NOLO driver 0.7.2??
    I've been looking for it, but the lastest version available is 0.7.0  :s

  • there only 7.0
  • Last exact version of driver is 0.7.20170710.
  • Driver 0.7 released on 10th of July (2017-07-10)
  • I never thought of that! Awesome! I use that software to plug my wheel into my Shield TV
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