OK, seriously, WTF is going on with shipping? (Delivery Anxiety Support Group)

I've been waiting since the 7th of June now, when I placed my pre-order, and I don't even have so much as a tracking number.  Also, it's now roughly a month since orders from that time frame were supposed to have shipped. 
Anyone out there been waiting for as long as or longer than me, who also doesn't even have a tracking number yet and therefore no confidence that anything has actually even been shipped? 
Vent here if you like :)


  • I'm in the exactly same situation. I think I preordered Nolo on 10th June, so roughly a month for me too. Worst part about this is there's been no official words from them. Not being used to do business stuff is one thing but not even being open about problematic situations like this is another thing imo.   :/
  • I ordered on 16 may, and only few days ago i received a track number that is not recognized anywhere. But I got the number only after I emailed them at support@lyrobotix.com. They answer you but with a consistent delay.

  • my was in april order i got my in july 19th so it might take you guys in middle aug. to get yours 
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    I'm in your group.  I crossed over June 6th.  ... Hold me ...

  • Date/Time
    7/16/2017 - Sunday
    12:57 pmShipment information sent to FedEx

  • Still in Limbo ^^^
  • I got tracking number with no info
  • Received my nolo without getting any tracking number in advance. Last day preorder. Just to share with you guys that they are actually shipping units out, at least to Hong Kong.

  • 6 days since I received my tracking number and yet is not recognized by any postal service
  • Coming from someone who was in first round shipping, I can say waiting is awful.  When I finally got a tracking number, it was probably at least a week till I could actually use it to track in the US, and then another week to get to my house (and it still took over a week to actually get the tracking number from when they sent them out).

    So all in all, for me at least, it was a 3 - 4 week process after they sent them out
  • Date/Time
    7/26/2017 - Wednesday
    9:36 pmArrived at FedEx locationFEDEX SMARTPOST LOS ANGELES, CA
    7/16/2017 - Sunday
    12:57 pmShipment information sent to FedEx

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    UPDATE: finally got my tracking number a couple of days ago.  It's active with my local postal service and the package should be here any day now.

  • In transit
    Ship date:
    Wed 7/26/2017

    Scheduled delivery:
    Wed 8/02/2017 by end of day

    7/27/2017 - Thursday
    6:27 pmIn transitLOS ANGELES, CA
    6:03 amDeparted FedEx locationFEDEX SMARTPOST LOS ANGELES, CA
    7/26/2017 - Wednesday
    9:36 pmArrived at FedEx locationFEDEX SMARTPOST LOS ANGELES, CA
    7/16/2017 - Sunday
    12:57 pmShipment information sent to FedEx
  • I got my tracking number a little over a week ago. It just started tracking yesterday. Should be here in 4 days. I ordered early June btw. I did expect it to take a while though so I really haven't been worried about it.
  • My NOLO VR Showed up Yesterday.  I haven't had time to play with it yet, but it comes in BEAUTIFUL Packaging.  Very Classy.  It appears to be very well made too.  Hope it functions as well as it looks.  
    Hang in there everyone, there is a light at the end of the Tunnel.
  • Ordered mine on 8th June and it arrived 4 days ago. They've subbed to the worst local courier service ever imaginable, it was stuck at their local hub for 3 days before I decided to go there and pick it up myself.

    Very happy with the NoloVR, except for one thing. The SteamVR USB cable was faulty on arrival (the one with USB-C adapter).

    Agrees with Denali, hang in there everyone. It's getting there, slowly... and surely. 
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