NOLO app crashes and controllers won't show in steam VR

Hi guys i hope you can help me.
I got the NOLO today. I connected everything to the pc. Paired the controllers, base station and headmarker. Installed the NOLO app on my PC and it showed that everything was paired correctly. Then i installed Riftcat. As soon as i start up riftcat the NOLO app exits. When i look in steam VR i see that my headset marker and base station are recognised. Steam VR says the controller are not connected. Everything is still green. Exept the base station that is red on the on/off button and the lights inside the base station ( sensors?) are also red. When i exit riftcat i can start up the NOLO app and it still shows that everything is paired and connect. Stil Steam VR is saying that there are no controllers connected. As soon as i start up the riftcat app again, the NOLO app crashes... When i load steam VR without the riftcat software. It says nothing is connected. 

Im using the 4M cable for the headset marker. Base station and controller are not using any cables. 

I tried repairing everything. Reinstalled the NOLO app and Riftcat app again.

Hope you guess can help

Many thanks, Arend


  • 1. If you are using a beta version, please use the regular version
    2. Installing vivesetup solves controller-aware problems ( )
  • edited September 2017
    This does not work. Vivesetup simply don't recognise NOLO basestation nor controllers. Simply installing it only doesn't help neither. Anybody resolved problem of SteamVR not recognising controlers? PS I did change SteamVR to run as standard and not Beta.
  • Could you please provide us more details about your problems, like which headset are you using? Your celephone? Did NOLO driver recognize your controllers?
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