pimax & nolo review (ceiling mount)

Hey people,

Just wanted to give a quick review of using a Pimax 4k Headset and Nolo VR together now they've sorted using ceiling mount for this.

I have a high stud ceiling which is advantageous, my ceiling is around 4m high. I've mounted the base station using velcro strips and I attach it using a long 2m claw grabber arm from a local hardware store (can just reach up and grab it off the velcro to remove it for charging and when not in use). This gives a very large play area, perhaps a diameter of 5 or 6 metres or more where the tracking works really well.

It gives perfect 360 degree tracking with very few blindspots (perhaps bending over looking at my feet is the only time it ever catches a blind spot). And combined with the 800ppi resolution of the Pimax headset it creates an incredibly good VR setup. I also own an oculus CV1 (without touch controllers) and am now selling this as it just doesn't compare to how good Pimax & Nolo are together once it's been setup. The only thing that could be better is the Pimax headset field of view, it's very slightly narrower than the oculus field of view I think (but the higher resolution definitely makes it alot better than oculus).

My only question is why steamVR doesn't save my room setup, I do have to do the room setup every time I restart steamVR, which is mildly annoying.

Overall great result though! Thanks NOLO for sorting out the ceiling mount, I think this with Pimax is the best VR experience on the market currently (having tried oculus and HTC vive as well).

Anyone using just gearVR and nolo who has a good gaming PC (gtx970 / 980 or higher card) should look into getting a pimax headset. 

Congrats NOLO on making a great product.


  • Good to hear it is working good for you! Maybe try OpenVR Advanced Settings ( link ) and see if you can save a profile that you can load later in case the room setup disappears.
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