Using NOLO on a PC with Oculus Home

For anyone having to uninstall Oculus Home to use the NOLO with Steam, can you try this instead?

1. Whenever you want to use OSVR/NOLO, open a command prompt with Administrator permissions and type "NET STOP OVRservice" without the quotes

2. To use the DK2 again with Oculus, use the same command prompt or open another with Administrator permissions and type "NET START OVRservice"

I was able to use my NOLO on my PC that also has a Rift attached using this method!

(PS: I put the two commands into a batch file with a middle line saying "pause" so that I run a shortcut to the batch as an Administrator, it stops Oculus Home, then when I'm done playing I can hit enter and the command prompt will automatically enable Oculus Home for me again)

Hope that helps!

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