Motion controls are inverted


I have recently purchased the nolo vr to pair with my pimax 4k. 

I have set everything up and it is all recognised in steam vr. But the controls aren't working properly. If I move the controller up the controller moves down on the screen. If I move the left controller, the right controller moves on screen etc.

I also end up in the floor, or move diagonally upwards if I i look sideways in Steam VR Home... 

So head tracking is off, and motion control tracking is inverted. 

Using Piplay v1.2.91

Any help would be appreciated. 


  • Is the base station upside down? If not,

    1. double-click the menu button. 

    2. double-click the system key.

  • Hi VRMan, thanks for your prompt reply.

    The base station is the right way up. I had a lot of trouble trying to flip it up and stand it on it's curved top to see if that was the issue... It actually didn't make a difference. 

    I've double clicked all the buttons on the controllers, the ones that reset the camera position, the controllers stay inverted. I assume the two circle buttons on the top face of the controller are the ones you are referring to. 

    Thanks again.

  • To be clear, the controllers are facing forward when I double click the power button. It's just the tracking that's inverted.

    Left controller in hand is the right controller on the screen.
    Right controller in hand is the left controller on the screen.
    Moving either controller up moves it down on the screen.
    Moving either controller down moves it up on the screen. 
    Moving them left moves them left and vice versa, so this is working as intended.
    Rotating them is also accurate.

    So it seams like the gyroscope in the controllers are fine, the horizontal tracking is fine, but the vertical tracking is inverted and the controllers themselves are swapped.

    Hopefully that makes sense...
  • I switched to 360 mode and stuck the base station to the ceiling. 

    Now Up and down are correct, but left is back and right is forward...

    I have no idea which controller is the left one and which is the right as they are now orientated one in front of the other.

    Really need some help on this
  • Hello, 
    i just wanted to chip in here and say I have the same problem.
     I got my Nolo set up for the first time today and my track pads are inverted left and right and the movement forward and backward with the controllers is inverted.
     Also in steam VR and steam games such as Pavlov the hands or controllers are pointing towards the player and when you look down it's as though your head is on backwards.
     I am also using a ceiling mount and the ceiling 360 dll file.
     I have tried all the same trouble shooting as above.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi KGQuint, I posted a solution in another discussion:

    Good luck!
  • Thanks Flatmasterflex,
    i was tearing my hair out last night! Will give this a go when I'm home from work :) 
  • Hi,
    I ran this repair tool today.  It tells me the base station is connected but when i click "mandatory Repair" nothing happens at all
  • Hi Flatmasterflex.
    I wanted to let you know that tool worked on about my 3rd or 4th try. Not sure what the problem was but seems to be all fixed now and working. Thanks again
  • Great news, glad to be of help. Seems the Nolo chaps are a bit swamped. 
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