BETA NoloVR compatible driver for iVRy available.



  • You can watch this for future NoloVR updates:

    The last update (yesterday) is unannounced and the comment is (

     - "Update the rotation center")

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    I won't be available until 28th August to make further updates or read anything about any issues anyone might have. Doesn't seem that anyone is having non-"user error" related issues so far anyway. Good luck!
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    I've updated the NoloVR compatible iVRy driver to be compatible with the new release of iVRy (1.06) and have updated it with the Nolo drivers from latest NoloVR USBHID SDK. You can download it from:

    This version enables device orientation by default (as it's much better than the orientation received from the Nolo tracker). You can disable it by setting:

    "disableDeviceOrientation": true

    I've also let whatever IMU values the Nolo SDK returns for acceleration/velocity be used by default. You can disable this by setting:

    "disableImu": true

    The "disableImuEmulation", "imuScaleFactor" and "touchpadSensitivity" settings remain as detailed on the 1st page of this thread. The IMU emulation is enabled by default if you disable the Nolo IMU.

    This version also adds battery level reporting (in SteamVR) for the base station and controllers.

    Whenever the Nolo SDK is updated, you can get updated Nolo drivers (and 360 drivers) from:

    You will need to copy the 32 and 64 bit versions of 'NoLo_USBHID.dll' to the 'win32' & 'win64' folders respectively of the 'bin' folder of the iVRy SteamVR driver installation (usually 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\ivry').

  • Damn! The update looks so good... sadly there is no android version yet....
  • The Android version is still under development and good progress has been made on it recently. Due to other commitments I was only able to resume work on it last week, so the previous release estimates are probably not accurate any more. That said, it is top priority for me right now, so it will be released "soon"...
  • Okay!!! Where i sign!! Any ETA for testing version? The android version will support full wireless for nolo? There will be a fully compatible gear vr version?
  • There are not going to be any public test versions, it will be available on the Google Play store "when it is ready". The first version will be Google Cardboard, followed soon after by Gear VR version. Depending on interest levels, the wireless Nolo support may follow.
  • If you need a tester, think of me :p

    Now, more seriously, free app or paid app?
  • Can you get the work that I've bought expensive hardware to develop, and spent many months working on, for free? No.
  • Okay... i was asking because the apple version seems to be free.
    Any idea of how much?
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    The iPhone version is not free. There is a "lite" version that starts reducing colour saturation after 5 minutes. That restriction can be removed by an in-app purchase. It's likely to work the same way on Android. On iOS the "unlock"/"premium edition" is currently $6.99. I would expect the pricing of the Android version to be similar (depending on how much Google wants to take).

  • Ohh!! sorry for my mistake....
    Anyways, U$S 6.99 seems pretty cheap, considering that riftcat in the oroginal beta releases cost about U$S 10 and now cost U$S 20...
  • Yes, the idea is to make an easier to use, cheaper, better performing product that's available on both iOS and Android, and become the de facto. Trinus, Kino and Riftcat have damaged the market by providing hard to set up, buggy systems that don't perform well. It has been (and is continuing to be) hard work to undo the negative perception they have created.
  • I'm not sure about the damage that you are talking about (at least for Riftcat). But if your app can be easier and more compatible than any other app, i will buy it!
  • There is a lot of resistance to the idea of using a mobile HMD for SteamVR, based on sub-par experiences with the apps mentioned. I have tried all of these apps, and have found them complicated to set up, requiring executables to be run (often from Windows startup) for them to be used, poor quality tracking and poor quality visuals. Riftcat is the best of those mentioned. I would put the other 2 in the "unusable" category (Trinus makes me feel sick after a few minutes of usage, even though I am generally not very sensitive to "simulator sickness").

    I have been working with Oculus Rift (DK2 & CV1) for some time, so maybe I am more sensitive to poor tracking and visuals than others who have not used "proper" VR headsets.

    In any case, I am somewhat grateful to those developers, as if they had been "good enough" I probably wouldn't have started on these projects... :wink:
  • I'm happy enough with RiftCat + NOLO wireless, but iVRy for Android is an instant-buy for me :)

    Also, I'm a big fan of the WalkinVR and Driver4VR software, and was wondering if iVRy will support tools like that / integrate with them in any way? The biggest benefits are the hold button to turn and move, which helps to play roomscale 360 games with NOLO, and even Oculus Rift, usability in front-facing setups.
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    @bigelowed I did speak with the developer WalkinVR/Driver4VR and we did talk about possibly collaborating, or at least checking that our software works together, but that stalled when I went away. As far as we can tell, they should work fine together right now (and I think some people have done it successfully). He's waiting for the Android version of iVRy before he can test anything on his end, and I've been too busy with that myself to spend much time on testing driver compatibility. So, it either works right now, or it will by the time the Android version of iVRy is available.
  • @iVRy no pressure, but do you really need to eat and sleep
  • @belly Of course not! What was I thinking? :D

  • @iVRy haha! That's the spirit... 
  • @iVRy awesome! Can't wait till release, but no rush :)
  • Wow, I hope the build-up is worth it! Right now, it's looking good, but there's some kind of issue on Wifi where I'm not getting the performance I want (ie. what I'm getting on iOS), although it seems to be as good or better than the other apps. USB is good though, and doesn't require much set up (just enable "USB tethering" once the cable is plugged in, app can't enable this itself, and it can't be enabled without the cable plugged in), however still a little bit disappointing, as on iOS you can plug and unplug the cable as you like while the app is running. Tracking on Android is solid though (uses Google's VR tracking).

  • I was hoping you were using the Google VR api since it takes care of the viewer parameters and will automatically put Daydream compatible phones in low persistence mode.
  • Yes, the auto usb tethering enable should be awesome, but seems to be unavailable (some apps for rooted phones seems to be able to achieve that).
  • In any case, the USB hot-plugging will just have to be the way it is on Android, which is not going to be as seamless as iOS. On iOS, there's a delay of max half a second from plugging the cable in to being able to use if for comms, plus the iTunes API gives the PC app/driver instant notification of the plug/unplug event. On Android, the delay is about 3 seconds, as it has to set up a hotspot, which the computer then has to load drivers for, connect to etc. For Android, there is also no notification API on either the phone or the computer to trigger a reconnect when the cable is plugged/unplugged. At least it is relatively quick to reconnect (without user intervention) if the cable gets pulled out accidentally.
  • Anyone using this can update the firmware and use the new USB-HID DLL from the new SDK. I will update the driver soon, but the USB-HID SDK is currently a bit of a mess (buggy, missing files etc.), so I'm going to wait a few more days and see what happens.
  • This new update to be release, will include the long waited android version? :D
  • @Tux0Topo The software consists of 2 components, the PC-based SteamVR driver and a mobile app. The update is for the PC-based SteamVR driver.

    The Android app is "nearly ready". :wink:
  • My wallet is open and ready...  :D
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