BETA NoloVR compatible driver for iVRy available.



  • @belly I'll send you my PayPal, I take donations. :wink:

  • @iVRy haha.. get the app finished and I'll send you chocolates and flowers  :D  :D
  • @belly Thanks, get the app finished and I'll send myself chocolates and flowers! ;)
  • Any progress? Rifcat andTrinus still don't work for me even with a new pc and phone. So i've been looking forward to iVRy so i can finally get Nolo up and running!
  • It's been out of commission for 4 months because of Riftcat's and Trinus' buggy software, so I hope you can help iVRy!
  • The Android version is nearly done. However, it's questionable whether it's worth supporting NoloVR any more. I've tried (and partially succeeded) to drag Nolo and its SDK towards something usable (and vaguely well implemented), but for whatever reasons this company is determined to self-sabotage.

    I raise issues (on Github) which are ignored. I waste many hours working around bad design choices and bugs in their software. They finally update the firmware to make the hardware useful (with the features I've been requesting for months) and then they drop the ball and don't release a usable SDK for it. All of this for what? I will never recover the hours I've spent on this product, even if every single person who owns one buys my software.

  • Ohh yeah!!! Finally!!! Any ETA?
  • @Tux0Topo Would be pointless for me to guess at this stage, as it depends on the results of testing, and how long it takes it to get through the Google Play Store process. I very much hope it will be some time in the next 2-3 weeks...
  • I've updated the NoloVR compatible iVRy driver to be compatible with the new release of iVRy (1.07) and have updated it with the Nolo drivers from latest NoloVR USBHID SDK. You can download it from:

    This version enables device orientation by default (as it's much better than the orientation received from the Nolo tracker). You can disable it by setting:

    "disableDeviceOrientation": true

    I've also let whatever IMU values the Nolo SDK returns for acceleration/velocity be used by default. You can disable this by setting:

    "disableImu": true

    The "disableImuEmulation", "imuScaleFactor" and "touchpadSensitivity" settings remain as detailed on the 1st page of this thread. The IMU emulation is enabled by default if you disable the Nolo IMU.

    This version adds support for "ceiling" mode. You can set this via the "playMode" setting (default is "horizontal" mode, valid values are 0 - "horizontal" mode & 1 - "ceiling" mode):

    "playMode" : 1

  • Looks like Nolo seems to know what they are doing now... Based on current events, iVRy.
  • The most recent version of the driver uses the latest Nolo SDK. This appears to support both the new and the old firmware. I recommend using the latest firmware as it supports reporting acceleration and velocity of the controllers, needed for many titles.
  • This driver supports both the iOS and Android versions of iVRy.

  • I ran into an issue with the headset tracking where SteamVR doesn’t seem to know the headset is moving (up down forward back ect). The rotational tracking works and everything works and moves correctly in the NOLO visualizer. Just once I get into steam, the headset is stuck in the “floor”. It seems like Steam is ONLY using iVRy’s tracking for the headset and not NOLO’s headset tracker (as I can remove the tracker and it changes nothing). 
  • I also tested it with the Trinus app that Nolo recommended and everything worked correctly (relatively speaking. Trinus is a train wreck compared to iVRy but everything tracked correctly)
  • @fatalfoxxstudios ; Are you definitely using the driver linked in this thread? The standard iVRy driver doesn't include NoloVR support (and so will behave like you have detailed).
  • Yes, specifically the one linked in your dec 24th tweet. I also uninstalled and reinstalled SteamVR just to be sure my old iVRy drivers weren’t affecting it. The driver file name seemed correct as it mentioned Nolo in it. 
  • @fatalfoxxstudios Ok, you're the first to ever report this issue. If you've installed the LYRobotix Windows drivers, it's probably best to uninstall them. Apart from updating controller/base station firmware they have no use in this scenario and are just going to cause problems. If you don't want to uninstall them, you can disable the LYRobotix (OSVR?) SteamVR driver by following the instructions on the first page of this thread.

    If none of that helps or makes any sense, please send the 'vrserver.txt' log file from Steam via the FB support page:

    You can find it in the 'logs' directory inside your Steam installation (usually 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam').
  • edited December 2017
    @admin Looks like USB VID & PID changed between pre-release(?) version and latest(?) version.

    Previously was: VID_0483&PID_5750
    Now is: VID_28E9&PID_028A

    Does this make any sense? Looks like switch from STM32 hardware to GD32 hardware for USB comms.

  • I've updated the NoloVR driver for iVRy to support the latest(?) USB hardware identifiers for the NoloVR hardware, so @fatalfoxxstudios issue should be resolved.

  • edited December 2017
    @iVRy Will there be support for kinect 360 for nolo vr?
    it would be great to play in 360 degrees.
  • @popos1 That kind of support requires a 3rd party tracking driver like Driver4VR.
  • There is a new version of the NoloVR SteamVR driver for iVRy that supports the latest (1.08) release of iVRy for iPhone and Android.
  • iVRy Do you plan add support for wireless NOLO like RiftCat?
  • @djelinek ; Yes, for completeness, once the initial Android "teething" issues are dealt with. IMHO the wired experience on iOS/Android is orders of magnitude better than Wifi though...
  • Anyone actually using this? If so, is there anything that needs to be looked at?

  • Valve has done a major rework of the input system in OpenVR/SteamVR, meaning that this driver will need some major work to keep it in sync with OpenVR/SteamVR going forward. I'm not sure this work is worth it if there are very few users actually using this driver.

    So, if you'd like continued NoloVR support in iVRy, now is the time to make yourself known. If not, the existing driver will remain as a "legacy" option, but no further updates will be possible as the iVRy driver builds against the latest OpenVR SDK, which is not compatible with the current version of this driver.
  • I'm using with nolo, but since i'm being busy...  didn't use it that much...
  • @Tux0Topo Yes, I do know about you. :smiley:

    I guess it's just not worth it to keep trying to make NoloVR work with iVRy. It's a lot of work, and there's just not enough interest in this product it seems (I estimate less than 0.01% of all iVRy users use NoloVR - LYRobotix can't even be bothered to mention that iVRy exists, even though every single user that says anything about it says it's better than Riftcat or Trinus), and my efforts are better spent elsewhere.

  • I am not good at English, so I did not write in the forum.
    (This sentence uses google translation)

    The combination of NOLO VR and iVRy is the best smartphone VR experience.
    PC client is unnecessary. It is unnecessary to start the NOLO VR driver. The software is stable, no crash while playing. That's excellent.
    I am still playing Airtone, Gal * Gun VR, Sairento VR.

    The development cost of NOLO VR support is a serious problem.
    I support the judgment of iVRy developer.
    Just let me say thank you for the wonderful software.
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