BETA NoloVR compatible driver for iVRy available.



  • @djelinek ; With regards to your wireless Nolo question, I've had a look at their Android SDK, and it hasn't been updated in a long time. It combines poor design (polling) with a very outdated driver that is probably not able to talk to the new firmware. There's no support in the Android SDK for velocity/acceleration so it's not possible to do throwing etc.

    In short, even if there were enough (Android) users using NoloVR with iVRy, the Android SDK is so far behind the PC SDK, that the experience would be much poorer in comparison, if that SDK was even able to talk to the new firmware. Doesn't seem to be worth the effort to spend a lot of time on a sub-par experience for a handful of users.
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    In any case, I will continue to offer the (current) OpenVR 1.0.11 and before compatible driver for iVRy linked in this thread. I've had to take the Nolo controller code out of the iVRy driver in order to get it to build with the new OpenVR SDK, meaning that further updates to the iVRy SteamVR driver won't be available in the NoloVR version.

    This is going to be a problem going forward for every SteamVR driver that uses Nolo controllers - either rewrite the driver or have to build it against older versions of the OpenVR SDK (while OpenVR/SteamVR still supports the "legacy" controller interfaces).

    I'm open to suggestions as to how to proceed, and of course it's possible to rewrite the driver to support current and future OpenVR SDKs, but it would take a massive uptick in interest from Nolo users (and/or the company itself) for this to happen.

  • @uekami2000 ; Thanks for the nice words! :)

  • Okay... sadly, but i understand why you are leaving nolo support out of your driver... Lyrobotix seems to be not very fast responsive. They do kind of the same thing with vridge (and it's suposely supported)...
    So, when i should change your driver?
  • @Tux0Topo ; The driver linked in this thread (1.08.3) is most likely the final NoloVR driver for iVRy.

    @admin LYRobotix needs to step up to the "partner" role they offered to me. I have helped them improve the design of their PC (USB) SDK. I've filed bugs in their Github to help them improve their product (virtually noone else has). I've been keeping my driver up to date with their SDKs. I've worked around bugs/limitations in their SDK and hardware to provide the best experience for their customers. I've promoted their product on social media. In return, they have refused to give me early access to their SDKs to help them test and to prepare my product for their releases. They've pretty much ignored every bug report I've made. They've refused (for whatever reasons) to even mention anywhere in their online presence that iVRy even exists. I really don't see why I should spend any more time developing for this product.
  • Its a shame the company wont step up. I can see great things with this app for the Nolo. I finally was able to order my Nolo and have had iVRy on my iphone 7 plus just waiting for the moment it showed up. Ive played subnautica and like games in vr using your app and it worked flawlessly. Will the Nolo still work with steamvr at this point using iVRy? as far as i can tell i have the latest drivers installed on the phone and pc. Ill find you some users if this works well for me. Wish i knew what i was doing and Id give you a hand with coding and what not :P anyway, all the best from Australia mate.
  • @aussieyank82 Thanks, Nolo will continue to work with the current iVRy driver for as long as LYRobotix doesn't change the USB-HID SDK significantly and 'legacy' input drivers are supported in SteamVR. Definitely don't want to exclude Nolo users, so will figure out something (possibly using 3rd party solution like Driver4VR) moving forwards.
  • Silly question, but the iVRy driver without Nolo, can be used toguether with the original Lyrobotix drivers, right? Maybe not the better sollution, but could be a decent trade, keeping iVRy and all Lyrobotix updates up to date...
  • @Tux0Topo ; Not to my knowledge. I would expect you will have a much better overall experience using the iVRy Nolo driver with iVRy than trying to cobble together a solution out of many parts.

    In any case, the NoloVR driver will also need to be updated to the new SteamVR SDK. As they haven't really updated the OSVR driver their driver is based on to newer OpenVR SDKs, I wouldn't expect this to happen until SteamVR no longer works with 'legacy' drivers.
  • just received my nolo and am now editing the steamvr file as your instructions in this thread have guided me to. Will post feed back here of my experience :)
  • Please use one of the following social media sites to discusss anything related to the iVRy app or driver. Any future announcements regarding the app or driver will be made there.




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    I tried the driver when it became available for Android and had a few issues (mainly the viewport size and distortion) but didn't get a chance to test it further since because life got in the way. I did want to do more testing (especially since there's been a few updates to the Android app since) and provide some feedback if my issues were still present. (Or just buy the full version if everything was fixed)

    I understand not wanting to put in the effort to support the product if there isn't a large demand for it. As a end user it's disappointing but there are only so many hours in a day and you have to spend them where you feel it's most useful. For what it's worth, the iVry logo is now on Nolo's main website page as well as in their Facebok banner.
  • Interesting few days. Have had some Twitter user (jayw900502) pretending to be from LYRobotix being threatening and abusive. Fortunately, LYRobotix has confirmed that the person is just some random internet weirdo and not actually working for them.

    Have had many Nolo users contacting me to let me know that they are relying on iVRy to give them use of their Nolo hardware.

    Have also had to port the iVRy driver to the new OpenVR SDK. In the process of doing that, I had to spend a day porting the Nolo input driver to that SDK too (as part of porting/testing other input drivers).

    So, good news for iVRy users of NoloVR, the driver has been ported to the new OpenVR SDK, and so can be kept in sync with the "non NoloVR" version going forward.
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