BETA NoloVR compatible driver for iVRy available.



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    I had to disable windows defender to get those options. It wouldn't even give them to me until I did that. As soon as I hit download it was deleted. Thanks for zipping it but it still gets deleted unless windows defender is disabled. I'm using Edge browser.
  • Finally got around to purchasing the app, looks great from a basic test! can't wait to try it next time I am at my laptop / NOLO (at home I'm running a Rift now).
  • @Failrunner I've applied for a code signing certificate so that future versions of the installer will be signed and not cause this problem. It turns out Windows code-signing is mostly about $$$ and not so much about security. Executables that are older than a few days (this one is too new) don't appear to have this issue.
  • That sucks. Gotta milk everything. They even charge for air now when you fill your tires. Soon they will charge for the ability for me to sit on my own couch. Anyways thanks.
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    @Failrunner There is an ID & address check (as well as paying some $$$), so theoretically they (not sure who "they" would be in this scenario) could track someone who signed a malicious file.

    While I work through this process (which looks like it could take weeks), I've packaged the EXE inside an MSI which will hopefully get around this for now. Available from the same tinyurl link as previously.
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  • I've updated the iVRy NoloVR driver (again). This version uses NoloVR for orientation always, as there simply isn't a way (that I've found yet) to have device orientation working 100% with the Nolo SDK as it is at present. I also would prefer to not be distributing modified NoloVR files, and so this version uses unmodified NoloVR driver files.

    It's better for everyone if the Nolo experience is consistent, so if they want you to put the HMD on the floor, press a button, pick up the controllers, face the base station, click multiple times on the system button of each controller until everything lines up etc., then it's best to just let them drive that, rather than fighting against it. They're going to have to support it (the NoloVR part) anyway.

    This driver follows their experience guidelines as closely as possible, so hopefully this is "it" for a while.

    The "disableDeviceOrientation" setting mentioned earlier in this topic is no longer available, device orientation is always disabled.

    The latest NoloVR driver for iVRy can always be downloaded from:

  • HMD tracking seems to be working smoother since you made the latest changes to the driver  I really appreciate the dedicated work you have put in for us Nolo owners in your Nolo/iVRy driver. 
  • I've updated the iVRy NoloVR driver (again). This version adds the Vive controller mapping necessary for proper functioning under latest version of SteamVR.

    The latest NoloVR driver for iVRy can always be downloaded from:

  • @iVRy

    Wow!!! Once again you amaze me with your excellent customer service.  I messaged you on Facebook about the system button problem before I went to bed and during my sleep you worked your miracles.  When I woke up I saw your message so I downloaded your newest driver and just like magic the problem was gone.  This app is your baby and you really do take care of it and nurture it like a parent.  I really love the passion you show for your work and artistry as a coder.  Such an inspiration.  I have a son that codes and he has that same passion towards his work.  Keep up the good work and thank you for taking care of your baby so well and fixing the problem. :)
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