Problem with controllers

Hi, had my Nolo for 2 days and have yet to get the controllers to function correctly, Both controllers are above and behind me ( around 6 feet away) in VR, and are inverted. HMD tracking and positioning seems to be working perfectly. I am using HDK2. I have tried:
Re-installing drivers
SteamVR room set-up(room scale and seated) numerous times
Repositioning base station
Pairing Nolo equipment, numerous times
Can anyone help, please.


  • Try double tapping the head marker button while wearing it, then double tapping the bottom button on each controller maybe?
  • Thanks for the hint bigelowed.  Still got the problem  :(
  • Yes it does.
    I have noticed that if you run the "visualizer" in the Nolo App, everything looks correct for me. Seems like the problem occurs with steamVR. In steam Home my controllers are on the other side of the room.
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    There is a hotfix that has been released in China (I live in HK so the company I bought the Nolo off sent it to me)

    It's in Chinese but it's easy to use. 


    1. Open the software and connect the base station via USB
    2. Click Play
    3. Click Start repair (top left button)
    4. Waiting for repair to complete(please do not disconnect)
    5. Disconnect after repair is complete

    If the progress bar is stopped during the repair ,and the base station indicator does not show the orange light,please click "force repair"

  • Thanks for the info Flatmasterflex.
    Could you send me the link again?  this one doesn't work.
    Did this sort your problem?
  • Yeah, problem solved. I had to spin 90 degrees and reset the controllers once the software had been run and I remounted my basestation on the ceiling. 
  • Seems to have solved it. Not 100%, but controllers are tracking a lot better and are not inverted. Thanks for the help Flatmasterflex, much appreciated.
  • As some users mistakenly use the base station repair tool, so we have to delete all the download link of the repair tool. 
  • Nah you don't, you just have to do a better website with download links correctly done and guides :3

    Seriously... it's a complete mess...
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