NOLO Not Setting Velocity Properly (Can't Throw Things)

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Pretty much as the title says. One of the Devs for a different game narrowed down the root cause to NOLO not interacting properly with the SteamVR_Controller.Device.velocity file.

Is there a way to fix this?


  • There is some alternative driver, only compatible for now with iphone headset:
    The problem is well known, and the only thing to do now is wait for the developers that they release an updated driver.

  • Unfortunately, I've only got an android phone. Thank you though.
    Hopefully they can fix it quickly since they should know exactly which file is causing the problem.
  • I also don't have an iphone. So let's hope that this can be fixed soon... :(
  • I'm waiting too for fix, please keep updating this thread if will be any progress in future.
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    @Naturally_Nick There is no "file". :smiley:

    The hardware (1)* runs through some software (in the controller), called 'firmware' (2)*. That 'firmware' (2) talks to some other software called a 'driver'  (3)* (which lives on the PC or whatever is trying to talk to the hardware). Another 'driver' (4) for your VR environment of choice (eg. Steam) talks to that 'driver' (3). Then there is the VR 'application' (5) which talks to the VR environment 'driver' (4).

    For the VR 'application' (5) (eg. The Lab) to see the values it needs from the controller hardware (1), all of the stages (2)-(4) have to pass that information on. At the moment (which LYRobotix released yesterday) there is a new 'driver' (3) which seems to pass all of the information from (1). I've updated my 'driver' (4), so the whole chain works for my headset app, iVRy.

    You'll have to wait for whoever is making your (4) to update theirs. It may take a while because the (3) driver is a new design (USB-HID, compared to previous ZeroMQ) and as far as I know, Pimax(?) and I are the only ones using it (being as it is largely due to my demand and insistence that it exists at all).

    *(1)-(3) and in some cases (4) are provided by LYRobotix.
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