updating to version 0.8?

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So the driver just told me to update. I clicked on yes and got two options: repair or remove. Remove obviously simply uninstalls the driver, while repair appears to install the same old version (0.7.2). So I went to their Github:

Only to find that the installer is still version 0.7 and was not updated for ~20 days. The weird thing is the Read-Me and beta-file (I have no idea what purpose this small file has) were update mere hours ago.

Anyone else knows of a way to update?


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    I'm having the same problem.
  • Me too.
  • Now there is some problem loading update... Maybe they are fixing it?
  • Same here too.  Have tried updating from within the software and running the AutoUpload.exe separately, but same both times
  • I just got my nolo. same issue. hope they will release the update
  • Just updated using the auto update. Tomorrow wil test it...
  • The 0.8 version of NOLO driver is ready for download. You can either click "check for updates" on NOLO driver or download it on https://github.com/NOLOVR/NOLO-Driver-For-Windows/tree/master/NOLOVR. ;

    Sorry for the problem caused
  • @admin I'm already assuming I know the answer, but when using auto-update, do we still need to manually replace the .dll file for the ceiling mounted setup?
  • The default DLL should be the non-ceiling mount one, so I am pretty sure you still manually need to do that. Not sure if the ceiling mount DLL works with 0.8 though.
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