Setup a vertical offset for the headset marker


Is there a way to apply a vertical offset to the Nolo headset marker ?

Every time, I need to put the headset on the floor to calibrate it. Which is not cool at all.

I would like to put it on my desk then to apply an offset of 80 cm vertically when I click the button on the headset marker.



  • Silly sugestion to try... Put the headset in the desk, measure it, and add 80cm to the setting... :D
  • Which settings ? Where ?
  • When you do the calibration in the steam vr, you set the distance to floor...
  • Yes but I can't do that everytime Nolo needs to reset the floor height. A simple offset option saved in the Nolo driver would be the better way I think.
  • Also, there is the OpenVR advanced settings:
    That app should help you.
    BTW, i need to resetup almost always the height....

  • I've also had issues with settings saving (like height and chaperone), so I use advanced settings to set floor every time before playing (it takes 5 seconds vs the 2 minutes for room setup so I don't mind it) and then I have a backup of the chaperone file for my room so that if it decides to reset itself (which it does often) I can just replace it to get my room back.  It's a pain, but it's better than running through the setups all over again whenever it doesn't save your setup
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