backer nº 243 without tracking number...

I made the kickstarter contribution since March 11th, but I have not received the tracking number yet .. I filled out the survey correctly with the phone number and the address, I have sent messages in every possible way and from June 23 I received no more response... I would like to know what happened to my order?


  • That sounds pretty bad. Have you tried writing them an email and a message on Kickstarter?
  • Yes of course, I have sent 4 messages in kickstarter, 2 for and 2 more for, and I have not received a reply ... it is not the only case since many others are also have complained in kickstarter comments. Anyone can understand a delay but not silence for more than a month ..
  • That's not good I didn't even back it, ordered it about a month ago and i've had mine for almost a week! I'm gonna contact them as well for you!
  • Okay I sent a couple messages as well. Wish there was a better way to deal with this.
  • Did payment go through? A lot of backers were dropped on KS it seems.
  • @virtualreality We've sent the tracking number to you via Kickstarter message. Sorry for the problem caused.
  • yes, and thank you admin

    there was a problem with the first shipment and they sent it to me by dhl, i have received the nolo today 
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