Gravity + ceiling mount = issues

Hi all, 

So my base station just did a nose dive from 4 meters. It still works but the case is a little cracked and the power button sticks sometimes. 

Any idea how to take these things apart? I need to realign the power button. 

I assume I need some kind of plastic prying tool or something. 



  • Don't know how to open it. BUT if you manage to open it, please, take some pictures please!
  • Mine fell down as well. I had left it hanging in the ceiling for about a week using velcro tape. Luckily my head stopped it from falling too far.
  • Nice, better a self repairing head than an unrepairable basestation. I tried to catch mine, timed the grab wrong and flung it even faster towards the floor...
  • Mine took the plaster off my ceiling. Lol.
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