Trackpad need update for Steamvr

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The trackpad not emulation the vive trackpad all way when you move your finger to top of the trackpad it not  touch the top of it so they trackpad in nolo vr driver need to be scale down little more trackpad then it be fine 


  • This was very oddly worded, but yes absolutely, the touchpad needs some attention.  The Nolo touchpad does not map properly to the Vives!  Nolo Please Fix <3
  • This is something that can be fixed in whatever driver/app is using Nolo. Multiply trackpad value by a factor (let's say 1.1 to bring edges in 10%), then truncate the resulting value so it doesn't go outside the -1 to 1 range of acceptable (to SteamVR) values. Will do this in a future version of my driver.
  • @iVRy Eyyyy, I'd totally jump ship from RiftCat if you fixed some of these software probs we're all experiencing with the official method.  If you're saying you have a whole separate driver, I'm just worried about ceiling mounted support.  That's the only way I like using Nolo as I don't have to worry about facing one direction the whole time

    Also side note I only use Android so that's also an issue :P
  • @Ghostmij17 ; I have added Nolo support to my SteamVR driver for my mobile HMD software. It still uses the (user installed) LYRobotix software and drivers for the NoloVR hardware and doesn't actually contain any LYRobotix files at all (it finds the location of the Nolo software and dynamically loads the driver files it finds there). So, it isn't dependent on a particular version of the Nolo software or DLLs, it takes what it can find. So, I don't expect it would have a problem with ceiling mounted base stations as long as the Nolo software supports them.

    I'd love to just wave a wand and have a market-ready Android version out there for everyone to play with, but I'm a single developer working on multiple projects simultaneously so can't work miracles. I also don't really buy into "beta culture", so am not interested in releasing half-baked solutions which are then developed into working products after they are already in the market. Android is very important for me to get done ASAP for a lot of reasons (none have got anything to do with Nolo), so rest assured you'll have a chance to jump ship as soon as is humanly possible... :wink:
  • @admin, just a reminder, this issues is still in existence and hasn't been spoken of for quite some time. Any ETA on a fix coming our way?
  • I dealt with this issue in my driver by "Multiply trackpad value by a factor, then truncate the resulting value so it doesn't go outside the -1 to 1 range of acceptable (to SteamVR) values." which seems to work well enough. I let the user choose the factor (1.2x seems a good value) as there seems to be some variation between fingers and trackpads...
  • @iVRy, does your driver work with headsets such as the oculus dk1 or the Pimax 4k? I know for the Pimax 4k their software directly integrates the Nolo devices, so an update from Nolo's end needs to be underway. I don't understand why its taken so long, its been over two months since the issue was first brought up in another thread, and over two months since they they "will look into it".
  • @CryCoh This could either be fixed at the hardware driver level by LYRobotix or at the HMD driver level by whoever makes that. My driver is for use with the iVRy app on iOS or Android, so wouldn't help here. Given that LYRobotix is for whatever reasons not updating their driver very often, the shorter term solution is to fix it at the HMD driver level.
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