HMD Orange Light

I launched the NOLO_Base_Repair_EN and followed its instructions, however, after this repair the light on the HMD turned orange (it was previously only red or green) and is not recognized in the Nolo Driver program.


  • @BeaverMan, i'm having the same issue. any success/update?
  • Did you have the HMD connnected to the PC instead of the base station? It's meant to be the base station connected when you use NOLO_Base_Repair_EN I think :(
  • I saw that warning and that made me DOUBLE check to ensure the HMD was not even connected to anything before using the software.
  • This product simply doesnt work.

    selling it as a "CV1" or a working product is probably not considered to be truthfull, or legit, or honest in any way.

    not for $200USD.

    I might as well have thrown my money in the garbage......

    I respect the idea and the effort put in to making this thing and making it work, but I do not respect being dishonest about it on the main page and selling it saying its a "CV1" or implying at all in any way shape or form that it works.
  • @bigelowed Thank you for replying.
    I can't recall if I had the HMD connected, but I do absolutely know the base station was connected. If the HMD was as well, could this have overwritten its firmware and caused this?
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