Good mobile headsets in conjuction with Nolo?

I already have a GearVR, but upon getting my Nolo, I noticed the tracking was weird, every few seconds would be a moment that tracking stops, and I believe that's due to the streaming. Any headsets where I can charge and tether my phone while using VR would be appreciated.


  • As far as i read reviews about, the BoboVR Z3, Z4 and Z5 are very good headsets. There are other options that also very good.
  • The BoboVR Z4 works really well (I have the mini version, didn't need the integrated headphones). The Homido V2 and the Baofeng Mojing S1 are also very well rated.

    Personally, I've just been using an USB-C LAN adapter with my GearVR but as I've discovered after others have tried, it only works with a USB-C phone. (So, only the Galaxy S8 line at the moment)
  • Bobo z4 is good. I have one of those. If you're willing to spend a little more the Homido v2 is way better. Doesn't look as nice as the gear vr in game but it's still a great headset. Just make sure the cardboard version of vridge works on your phone. Last time I tried it it didn't.
  • If bobo z4 is worst than homido v2, i can't imagine whats the quali it is  :D
    I have homido v2 and i don't recommend it - too much distorsion on the edges and not clearly view.
    I was buy gear vr 2016, becouse everyone tells this is the best so i will be try (i will get in couple of days)
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