How many times have you given up trying to play

And how many times have you got this thing to actually work. So far this thing seems like an excellent way to get frustrated and than depressed when you throw your hands up in the air. Everytime I try to use this thing there is an issue. I've been able to play 3 times if that. The only thing that seems to work right is nolo tetris and the gallery app. Using it with vridge seems like a lost cause. :-(


  • I've attempted to play games about 5 times... The first, was painfully, and because the controllers where behind me in vr. The second time, i manage to fix the position of the controllers, but was mainly a test. The third time, the base station was too close of me, so no a decent experience... The fourth time, the base was not far enough, so the experience was better, but not perfect. The last attempt, the base was about 2 meter away from me, and the experience was excellent...
  • How do you refund this bullshit nolo. No one is contacting me about it. I had it and does not work. Want my money back for the terrible quaility Vive. Looks back but at least it works.
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    It worked fine for me every time since I first paired it (and on my desktop at home as well as on my laptop in a hospital room to show my fiancee). Sometimes forward is 90 degrees off but WalkinVR made it easy to rotate the world. Sad to hear about the issues that others are having :(

    Is everyone who is having major issues trying to use ceiling mount? I have only ever played front-facing and even play my Oculus Rift in front facing because it's just easier to do initial setup and pick up and play. For Steam VR games I use WalkinVR to rotate if its not built in, and most Rift games support front facing play too. Rotation with the controller/sticks feels fine to me.

    Regarding your comment @Waymos are you having technical issues? Email
  • I've been trying for 2 weeks to get this working. Each day i get a little closer to my expectations, must admit i am a little disappointed. Just managed to get the controllers to show in front of my body (although off to one side) which makes gaming difficult. On the plus side there is talk of an OSVR plugin being released soon which i hope will cure my problems as i am using the HDK2. Can't complain about the head tracking, works really well for me, just the controllers being a pain.
  • I've given up on using nolo for the time being, but for a different reason entirely. For me, the setup was pretty easy with vridge, nolo drivers, and steam vr. Tracking works great and everything on the nolo side works as advertised. However, the major issue for me is that games requiring any movement on my part give me crippling motion sickness after a few minutes of playtime. The latency of the controller tracking and latency of the video stream to my smartphone combine to make the whole experience feel disjointed and uncomfortable, even though I am playing tethered with usb. Hopefully, riftcat can address this in future updates with some optimizations. The latency is definitely minimal, impressively so in fact, but unfortunately for anyone sensitive to motion sickness, nolo + vridge is not a viable long-term solution for VR gaming. It's great for some titles (like audioshield, fruit ninja VR, and space pirate trainer) to show off VR as a gimmick to your friends and family, but I don't expect to use my nolo regularly unless some major improvements are made to vridge.
  • Scam. This is a huge scam, dont buy it.
  • I've had very little problems with NOLO. Outside of a couple of tries in the beginning where I was standing too close to the base station, I have have almost no problem playing games.

    My main issue is the size of my room, meaning I sometimes can't move around as much as the game would require.
  • it works well for me I just want 2nd base so I can turn around without need put it on the ceiling 
  • Maybe there are faulty units? Mine's been working weird lately too. When I move forward in real life I move left in VR(same result in Nolo visualizer). It can be sorta fixed if I point my controller at the base unit and double click the power button on a controller but then after rotating/moving around for a bit it becomes impossible to move to where you want to move to again. Seeing how some people seem to have no problem like this while we have hard time playing with Nolo it makes me believe we might have gotten faulty units.
  • Try the demo of Driver4VR (, you can rotate your view with the controller and even move with the controller too.
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