How has the battery life been for you?

My battery life has been bad. The base station died just from some trouble shooting. I haven't even really got to play anything yet. ☹️


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    The base station is a max of 4 hours I think? I find that in the hour or two that I might be playing that my phone battery goes down to 50% (wireless 5GHz), the base station starts to warn me in the NOLO software that it might need charging, and the controllers are still okay.

    That said, I charge every time I am done playing NOLO, and make sure to take it off charge when the lights are green.
  • how long the charging lasts?
  • and how do i see pracentage of battery i saw on one youtube channel it can be seen
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    Connect the Base station to power with the 3-headed adapter and leave it connected always. Use the other 2-heads of the adapter to charge the controllers when needed. Li batteries last longer if you don't discharge them fully, or store them either full or empty (you want to store at about 40% if you're doing weeks/months, day to day doesn't matter so much). So best way treat Nolo if you use it regularly is to keep the Base station fully charged (ie. connect it to power) and top up the controllers whenever you're not using them.

  • how do i see the precentage?
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