NOLO Controllers are very far away and only rotate

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I've had this problem where the controller will be stuck in one spot and would only rotate, double pressing the power button does nothing and just calibrates the HMD. Any help?
(Note: I removed the iVRy beta drivers and reinstalled the NOLO drivers plus the SteamVR files)


  • That sounds like it's not picking up the base station, can you re-pair it to the base station? Also, make sure to be facing forward towards the base station when double clicking the power button on the controller. Hope that helps!
  • I repaired it, now one controller isn't connecting to the pc and the other controller is still in the same far away spot, I am right in fount of the base station.
  • Hmm that is very odd! Try an e-mail to
  • Ok then, will come back too this discussion if anything happens..
  • They will probably ban me and suck in thousands of people to experience the same upsetting thing I have, that this isnt mean to work and it is a scam.

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  • Your spam doesn't help us help you and if you actually read the forums you would see lots of people agreeing the Oculus is the better choice for desktop VR (especially on its sale price).

    But Oculus wasn't that cheap when we backed and pre ordered so who knew it would go on sale?

    Your product isn't a scam but it could be defective if you do logical tests and it fails at stages where it's the NOLO at fault. If you aren't happy with it sell it and get the Oculus
  • I got send 2 by accident and have 2 PCS. I know for a fact that it is a scam. please, spare me your attempts to ovveride me posting the truth.
  • You're very funny.
  • I already ordered the oculus and I cant sell either of my Nolo VRs because it wouldnt be right feeding into this BLATENT SCAM.

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    1. It's not a scam.

    2. Nice try troll but you are way too obvious
  • 1. Its a SCAM.

    2. It's a SCAM.

    3. It doesnt work.
  • I got send 2 by accident and have 2 PCS. I know for a fact that it is a scam. please, spare me your attempts to ovveride me posting the truth.
  • Well if you don't want them I'll buy them off you, I'll pay shipping only since you are throwing them out anyway?
  • If you want to buy them ill sell them to you for half of their price.
  • im so f'n done with these things lol
  • Also tempting, what country would you be shipping from?
  • I'm back with an update on my issue, I've gotten the controllers to go back to my position, however the controllers look very weird in the visualizer
  • Here's a photo 
  • Very odd indeed. Do they rotate correctly even if they are distorted like that?
  • Yes they do, however, try to move the controllers and they'll move vertically.
  • Hmm, are you using a ceiling mount at all?
  • Okay cool, and how is the base station set up? Can you upload a photo of it showing about how high up it is and how it's rotated?
  • it's up around 50 inches 
  • Ah, try raising that up with a box/onto a surface that doesn't extend past the front too much (I feel the desk there is probably cutting off some of the signal from the base station)
  • That shelf in the photo should do it!
  • looks like i'm going to have to wait for support, as controllers are normal again but are stuck in the same spot as before..
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