Why are there rumble motors in the base station

Is there a logical reason for that. It only causes the base station to fall off of shelves in my personal experience. I have never found it to be useful for anything. If the base station loses track it rumbles but that doesn't really help me any. It's more of an annoyance and they probably could have dropped the price if that was not included. I had to put some of that crap under it to keep carpets from sliding to stop it from vibrating off a shelf I put up for it. Lol.


  • The motors spin the IR LEDs, I think it's used for a cheap way to "flash" them across a specific area (100 wide by 100 tall in degrees) since inside the case looks like the motors are manually carved open for the LEDs to fit through ( someone did a teardown here: http://uploads.im/paivk.jpg )
  • Actually studying that photo more, it looks like the LEDs sit a little above the motor, in which case they shake the two IR LED emitters to stop them from interfering with each other, similar to the trick used on Xbox 360 Kinect cameras: http://hackaday.com/2012/08/13/building-a-better-kinect-with-a-pager-motor/

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    Did you remove the plastic film over the rubber pad on the base? My base station is right on the edge of a shelf and has never moved.

    And as bigelowed pointed out, they're not rumble motors. They're used to rotate the leds to flood the room with IR that the head tracker and controllers can "see" to determine your position.
  • Thanks! I thought that was just a glossy rubber.
  • make sure pill the plastic in front to lol

  • That I got when I unboxed it. Lol.
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