Driver4VR is now NoloVR compatible

Just comment that Driver4VR is now NoloVR compatible:

This app let you use NoloVR with other incompatible hmd out there...


  • Hmm, still gives me issues, I was waiting till it stops putting my head into the floor / back corner, and the rotation stops glitching before I announced it. But the developer is great, he'll get it fixed!
  • what does the driver4vr do for nolo vr?
  • edited August 2017
    does it give you back tracking with the kinect?

  • I'm not sure if can be used for noloVR+kinect, but i'm asking to the developer right now.
    It let you use noloVR with other hmd that are unsuported (i think that deepoon is one of those).
  • Looks like the new update went live today, can't wait to test as it adds move options!

    Driver4VR is by the creator of WalkinVR and it's designed to make easy ways to have tracked head and controllers in VR.

    Now that it supports move and rotate it is also priceless for front-facing setups using NOLO or Oculus Rift as you will be able to "grab" the world and move through it or rotate it with just your hands in SteamVR games.

    Will report back after testing!
  • he might update use kinect as a back sensor nolo vr 
  • and  talk about emulation of vive tracker then put on your waist 2 feet if planning to make Kinect emulation that 
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