Ceiling vs. Front facing mount

What works best for you. So far it seems like they both have major flaws. Ceiling mount causes movements to be inverted until randomly fixing itself and everything around me is pulsating, as well as my controllers being over my head. Front facing is hard for me because I have to mount a shelf and screw through powder like walls that don't hold anything but when I can get it working it kind of works fine until I need to do something on the floor which is always a dead zone and means I can't start certain games. Day four of trying to set up Nolo.  :'(


  • I prefer using front facing with WalkinVR for moving myself through the space (vertically as well), I can play sitting but I usually play standing this way.
  • i think front view be better because to me we need 2nd sensor then it be perfect 
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    "Ceiling mode" is a hack, which can't get around the basic fact that the NoloVR setup is a 180° tracking solution which is best used seated. You're going to get much more satisfactory results if you take those limitations into consideration and adjust your setup and expectations accordingly... :wink:

    I got this from one of the developers when asking about supporting "ceiling mode" with the new SDK: '"ceiling mode" is not our first choice when it comes to our 360° programs, so we do not want to design this plan into our software, but we will provide "ceiling mode".'

    Draw what conclusions you want to from that, but it does suggest they have another solution in mind.

  • Well, guess I'm the oddball out, but I just hate the front facing setup.  While I get that the ceiling mode was sort of just like a 'Yeah, we can do that, add it as a feature YOLO', I still only use ceiling mode because I absolutely can't stand having to make sure I'm looking forward in VR.  I love the freedom of being able to turn every which way without worrying about losing tracking.  Downsides tho are defs there; bending down is a no-go unless you do the whole 'bending down in a prison shower' move XD (can't let that headset marker lose tracking).  Otherwise tho, for  everything else I feel like having that 360 tracking is absolutely worth it.  TBH, besides bending occlusion issues (bending and controllers being blocked by body), I think using ceiling mode is far superior.  You can't even really properly play some games in front facing due to the two controllers getting in the way of each (aiming a bow, shooting a two-handed gun)

    TL;DR:  I'm a strong supporter of using ceiling mode.  Highly recommended.  10/10

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    Ceiling mode was something I kinda liked the look of but didn't want to try until it's wireless. Now that NOLO is wireless in RiftCat I would like to try it, but my ceilings are too short :(

    Wired VR though? With both NOLO and my Oculus Rift I just use front facing and controller turning where supported or WalkinVR where it's not (Steam only sadly) and I enjoy it plenty that way.
  • Ceiling mode certainly looks like a current viable option for 360 movement. However, if you mount your sensor over your shoulders, ideally your head, you get almost full rotation with your head and hands until occlusion. I use it this way with little issues... would would be nice is something like Driver4VR including a way to add a Kinect camera sensor so we can have a front and back camera.
  • It did seem like that recent driver update made front-facing much more viable!

    For me, I do have a really goofy setup for wires (one that actually caused me to break the cable recently; but I have other ones and I won't be making the mistake again, lol).  I have a few of those retractable ID card keychain-type things handing from a command hook in the middle of my play area, and my wires for Nolo + headphones are fed through one command hook right above my PC, then through the card-holder thingies.  It serves as like a really cheap pulley, but in my experience it seems to work even better since the retracting mechanism is all built in.  If you bend down or move further away, it gives you some slack, but then when you walk back it pulls some of it back (not perfectly, but a whole lot better than just letting the wires dangle from the ceiling, which is what I used to do before this)
  • I like that setup @Ghostmij17 ! If TPCast doesn't come for Oculus Rift I might end up with something like that someday
  • @bigelowed Thanks!  Yeah, it's definitely not perfect, but I prefer it over letting the cable run along the floor (I would always trip over it in 360 games)
  • This product simply doesnt work.

    selling it as a "CV1" or a working product is probably not considered to be truthfull, or legit, or honest in any way.

    not for $200USD.

    I might as well have thrown my money in the garbage......

    I respect the idea and the effort put in to making this thing and making it work, but I do not respect being dishonest about it on the main page and selling it saying its a "CV1" or implying at all in any way shape or form that it works.
  • @lestysone No matter how many times you post that lie all over the forum, it doesn't change the fact that Nolo does work. It's not perfect, but it's getting better with every update.
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