Shaky tracking

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I'm just about done on my end.  Maybe someone could help me out.

To be blunt the tracking is super shaky.  The head tracking bounces back and fourth a fair amount, occasionally rubber banding up and down, and the controllers constantly seem to be shaking.  

I've tried several rooms without much improvement.  Typically I have the nolo camera on a flat surface at around chest or head level facing me, and I stand/sit about 5 feet away.  While controller accuracy seems to improve when I move a bit closer, head tracking continues to shake and bounce around.  I am using an osvr.


  • Maybe try re-pairing the head marker and controllers to the base station!

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    @bigelowed Thanks for responding, but unfortunately re-pairing doesn't seem to be doing the trick.  The headset has stopped rubber banding, but it continues to shake constantly.  I'm unfortunately under the impression that this may be the best I'm going to get with it...
  • Hmm, can you try with the RiftCat wireless option for NOLO?

    The RiftCat beta instructions are in the desktop app for Android.

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    I'll take a look into it in the morning.  My current experience has been with an OSVR HDK2, so I do not have riftcat installed at this time.  I wouldn't be surprised if the way the osvr hdk2 and nolo are interacting is in some way affecting my experience to be honest.  I think I'll try some different cables as well, as maybe that could be affecting it.  I currently have it plugged directly into the HDK2's side mounted usb port rather than into my computer.

    And if that doesn't do it, I believe some people are working on a proper OSVR plug in that bypasses the need for the Nolo drivers that may help.  I will kind of miss the Nolo team's modified steam-vr configuration though.  I was actually getting used to it.

    Last Edit for the night:  Its not an issue of cabling.  The nolo provided cables seem to provide the same experience.  What I have learned, however, is that the nolo tracker does in fact generate rotational data.  For HDK users, being able to use this over our device's gyroscope would be a awesome, as the hdk suffers from yaw drift while using steam vr.

    The real last edit: I was using the Nolo driver's visualizer for the above test, for those interested.
  • @bigelowed

    Yeap, despite all connections and pairing problems have been solved, there is one that cannot be ignored: shaking. It makes Nolo VR unusable, sorry to say that.

    What to do next ? Return the product ? Wait for software upgrades ? Can it be solved by software ?

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    My next logic step is to compare my findings with some of other people here, who claim that their Nolo works fine.

    So bigelowed, would be so kind to make a record of Visualiser with your both controllers in sight and the base station ? Just few minutes. That would clarify a lot of my concerns about Nolo. 
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    Will do! I left my NOLO at my girlfriends house so I will be able to do that next weekend, sorry for the delay
  • oh wow didnt notice how old this was
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