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So far my experience with my Nolo has been, okay. In my opinion, the controllers feel slow. I understand it's part of the 20ms tracking, but I mean fast movements. Since Nolo is currently, I believe, position tracking on the axis of x, y, and z, plus the controller rotation, it sometimes feel like the controller is slow and doesn't keep up with my actual movements. If it is possible to track the controller's velocity, I believe it would keep up the pace of the controllers and the actual movement.
In games Rec Room, I am unable to play games like ping pong due to the slow movement of the controllers.

Does anyone know if Nolo's drivers are already tracking velocity?

No I am not a developer or programmer, but I would like to hear everyone's thoughts. 


  • It's coming. They've just released a new SDK that has provision for getting velocity/acceleration from the IMUs. The firmware on the HMD marker and controllers hasn't been updated yet, but I expect they are working on doing that soon.
  • I have the same on Fruit Ninja VR, i can't wait for update :)
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