Good News and Well Done LYRobotix!

I had a chance to have a look at the new NoloVR SDK today. I had an hour that I could spend on it, so I ported the iVRy SteamVR driver to the new SDK (and have updated the iVRy NoloVR driver accordingly).

This SDK is *much* better than the previous versions, in terms of design, efficiency and usability. Any apps/drivers using this SDK can talk directly to the NoloVR hardware and eliminate the need for a NoloVR app installed or running on the PC at all! The app/driver can bundle the NoloVR USB library with it and then does not have to rely on any LYRobotix software being installed or being the correct version etc. In addition, the user, if they are using NoloVR with a single headset, does not have to be concerned with dealing with the "features" of the NoloVR PC software, as all functions of that are now the responsibility of the app/driver using the SDK.


  • Despite all of our grumblings, the developers have been very responsive and open to suggestions. When they're quiet, it seems they are busy! I'm grateful that they have taken advice to heart and are striving to make their product work well with SteamVR.

    There are still some things to be done:

    - Velocity/acceleration from IMU. The new SDK has provision for this, but AFAIK at present the firmware on the HMD marker and controllers has to be updated before this will work.
    - Support 'ceiling' mode. It doesn't look like there's any way to use that with the new SDK yet.
  • Amazing stuff! :smiley:
  • This in from the LYRobotix driver development team regards IMU values (the current USB-HID SDK provides simulated values, which results in jitter):

    "the real value that provided by the hardware is being tested. I will finish testing as soon as possible"
  • This SDK is definitely the way forward for SteamVR support for NoloVR. The older SDK (that requires PC software) will probably not improve much now (it does not have a good design in any case, so no loss there), and will most likely be left around for older apps and be dropped altogether when the Nolo software reaches 1.0 (much like the older Oculus SDKs and apps using them became obsolete when Oculus released the CV1 and 1.0 version of their software).
  • This in from the LYRobotix driver development team regards "ceiling mode":

    'For the 360-degree program, I will now provide 360-degree dll plug-in, and do not want to join the software, because do not want users to think that NOLO 360 degrees is "ceiling mode"'

    Sounds like "ceiling mode" is going to be replaced with something less "hacky" at some point, so they don't want people to think it's part of the software/functionality.
  • @tony ; What are you referring to by "this"? The LYRobotix driver team? If so, it's hard to say, because they don't really speak English, and so the communications are done by 2 developers. So, at least 2 developers, maybe more, doesn't really matter, as long as they get it done.
  • This is amazing news. Just need to wait for the Gear VR version of Vridge to be updated. Right now I still have to use the Nolo drivers until that is released. Can't wait to chuck that cable into a junk drawer!
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    @Failrunner Or the GearVR version of iVRy to be released... :wink:

  • @iVRy need any Android testers?? :)
  • @iVRy Cool. You releasing soon?
  • @nravan90 ; @Failrunner ; Not soon enough. Don't have any time to work on it now until late August. Should be releasing around mid-September all going well. All testing positions are filled. :smile:
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    Btw does this mean anything for people with say an hk2 or anything that's not a mobile phone or do they still need the drivers? Just wondering.
  • @Failrunner It will benefit all SteamVR headsets using NoloVR (once their drivers are updated), as it effectively removes the need for the NoloVR PC software and lets the SteamVR driver talk to the NoloVR hardware directly.

    In the case of HDK2, I'm not at liberty to say much about that, except to say that there will most likely be a way to use these headsets as well as PSVR with a custom iVRy driver in the not too distant future. :wink:
  • Quick Question iVRy does that mean that all i need to do now is switch on vridge and steam vr to play using nolo or do i still need to use nolo software?
  • @AxleB ; I don't know anything about Riftcat, so can't help you there. AFAIK that software needs its own app running as well as Nolo app. For mine (and possibly any other that has updated to the new SDK) there is no need for any app running on the PC except for SteamVR.
  • @iVRy @AxleB The lastest beta of riftcat, allows full wireless with only riftcat app, not needing the NoloVR app... But if you decide to go tethered, you need to use the Nolo app... Nothing in between. At least yet...
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    I'm guessing you still have to run the desktop Riftcat app, right? In any case, that is either the Android SDK for Nolo or a port of the Linux reversed-engineered version that they're using (for wireless). All of this is talking about the new LYRobotix Windows SDK for Nolo that eliminates the need for the Nolo software when using it wired with a PC. You can use iVRy with Nolo with no desktop app from either me or Nolo, just SteamVR.
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    I was curios about how good is NOLO SDK for Unity, and I downloaded and played with the Input_Test scene.

    My NOLO shakes . Period.
    It shakes on Pimax, it shakes on Driver's self test tool and now in Unity.

    What about yours bigelowed  and  iVRy ?

    Would you both tell me if everything is fine in your NOLO ? Becasue I want to be sure before I decide that my NOLO is broken or not and have a refund.

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    Mine doesn't shake, is your base station ona surface that vibrates too much (the base station will flash red)?

    Could also be that there are mirrors or glass glossy surfaces in your room or too much sunlight interfering
  • Nope. Everything is fine. All LEDs are green, base station has two red LEDs not flashing, but the shake and a drift is annoying in all variants as I said.

    Clearly, my unit is broken, I have to replace it or refund.
  • Yeap. Ok.
    I made a REFUND request before I open a PayPal case.
  • You e-mailed ? also, make some videos showing the shaking you're talking about, and try in different rooms if you can!
  • Is your base station power button also green? If it's not, then the base might be unstable. (You did peel off the plastic film from the rubber bottom pad right?)

    I've also noticed that things like direct sunlight or my A/C unit running close by can interfere with the tracking. 
  • Soon it will be night here. I will make a video on total blackout. But these things have been done already by @industria, it\s nothing new, I ve been reading this forum for months now.

    It took 3 months to receive my nolo and now it is broken.
  • Videos help, and hardware malfunctions do happen (even Oculus Rift users are getting defects sometimes)

    I am sorry to hear that it might be broken though, I've been having a lot of fun with my NOLO playing SUPERHOT VR and thinking how much it'd suck if I broke my NOLO by accidentally punching a wall with it.

    the time it takes to receive is mostly due to the shipping from China, hopefully NOLO gets enough growth/customers to start stocking units in other countries!
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    First video made

    This is a Nolo VR setup in late afternoon light. Pimax is not connected , and everything works with the last Windows Nolo driver. The software that runs is Nolo PC Self Test tool. Shaking is very obvious. In games situation is much worse, sudden teleportations under the floor occur frequently. 

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    That's a bit too close to the base station to know for sure unfortunately, but it does look pretty (sunlight?) bright in there.

    Any glass/glossy/mirror surfaces in the room? All it takes is some signal bouncing back to hit the controllers or head marker to make some shaking!

    Also, have you tried re-calibrating each controller? (double tap bottom button, one controller at a time) while holding them and facing the base station? My controllers are pretty shaky/wonky till I do that.

    It might still be a defect of course, but if we can find a way to solve it that saves you about 3 months of shipping it back to China and/or 3 months of waiting for a replacement!
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    It was as light as a normal afternoon at 6 o clock in the summer. My phone has the property that add brightness when is too dark in the room.

    I made a test on almost darkness. 8 o clock PM.

    The things are much better, the shake is much diminished but there is shaking.

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    How the hell I delete a comment ?
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