Does the base unit need to be level?

I hung my base unit on velcro on my monitor.  I noticed that in the wire globe you can see before a game loads that the base station was not as high in the HMD as it is in real life.  The base unit is a little bit tilted because the velcro doesn't hold it perfectly level and it points down a couple of degrees or so.  If I tilt it back up the base station rises can be made to move up and down in the VR wire globe view.  I also notice that the controllers are lower than they should be, and they appear to move as well when tilting the base station. 

How does the base station know if it is level and account for this?  I am attempting to either make a level platform above my monitor or find a different level place.

I am using the Pimax driver.  Can I mount the base unit on the ceiling with the Pimax driver?  Does it have to be level relevant to the ceiling?

It seems the reason to be concerned is not the position of the base unit in vr, but rather how being level can affect the position of the controllers.


  • @denali It's possible the Base Station has an accelerometer which means that it possibly could in theory compensate for not being level. At this moment in time it does need to be level (or close to level), or tracking will act as if you are standing on a slope with the same inclination as the Base Station. It could in theory be compensated for in the app/driver using NoloVR, but it's complicated maths that would require the user to do a lot more setup, so no drivers/apps do this yet.
  • Wait aaaaaaa minute; you can see the base station in VR?
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    @Ghostmij17 ; If you want some SteamVR/Oculus titles to work you need to fake a base station (which my software and apparently Riftcat does). You can put the base station where you think it is in the "virtual world", or wherever you like. Can't speak for other software, but I put it 2m high behind the user so it doesn't get in the way. It doesn't matter where it is represented, so it may or may not coincide with the actual base station location.

    In general putting it where it really is is inconvenient, as it then can get in the way of SteamVR dashboard etc.
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