My Nolo Is Broken After Lightly Using For A Few Days?

It seemed fine when I tried some steam/phone games for a bit a few days ago but now tracking is shaky and often doesn't even track right(When I move forward irl I end up moving left in VR). Anyone has any idea how one could fix this?


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    Double click the power buttons (not at the same time) on both controllers while facing forward. High tech Dorothy version of clicking your heels (saying there's no place like home while you're doing this is optional)! :smile:

  • Sadly that doesn't seem to work in my case :(
  • Okay, actually after having tried it a few more times it somewhat stopped being shaky and tracking wrong. It still lose Headset Marker's tracking sometime though. I wonder if it's just my nolo being unstable like this or everyone else is dealing with this.
  • Have you taken the plastic film off the bottom and front of the base unit? Can cause problems too...

  • You mean I'm supposed to take them off right? I have taken both of them off since day one :'(  But luckily for me, I don't even know what happened but it seems it's pretty stable like it used to be again now(Sometimes it can still get screwy but even then it can be fixed with your method. thanks!). The only reason I can come up with is that it got unstable because I played with Nolo when the sun was still out whereas I'm playing at night right now or I had been doing so for those past few days. Or maybe they were more of unstable software issues caused by Nolo's drivers or Riftcat. Whatever fixed it I hope it stays this way.. Liking Nolo a lot better than I thought I would(I was so ready to hate on it) but I wish it were less much of a pain in the ass to use it  :(
    Thanks for your help iVRy anyways! Looking forward to the android version of your software.
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    Direct sunlight can definitely interfere with the infrared tracking. You might want to consider some blinds or curtains for when you're playing during the day.

    I have also noticed that my tracking isn't as good when my A/C unit is running in the room. I guess the continuous noise it generates, or maybe simply the airflow hitting the sensors, interferes with the ultrasound tracking.
  • Okay, so it became wonky again. I turned off my AC and there's no light source in my room. Yet tracking can be shaky and completely wrong. I thought it could be Riftcat but  judging by Nolo's visualizer it seems like the base station(or whatever it is that provides positional data to PC) is providing wrong data. I'm afraid I might have gotten a faulty one.
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