How long can you use it before the phone get too hot?

I am using my LG G3 and after about 20 min or less the phone get really hot and a message pops out that says its too hot. so how long does your phone allows you to use nolo vr? and does anybody uses LG G6?
thanks in advance


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    My ZTE Axon from 2015 lasts the full 2 hours its battery is charged for (I use it in wireless mode). It gets to 50 celsius or so at the end

    A few tips:
    -remove the case and maybe the battery cover of your phone

    -airplane mode and close all background apps, then turn on wifi (or usb tether)

    -close all background apps

    -use 50% or less brightness

    -maybe try a lower mbps on VRidge?

    -play in a cool room

    -if you need more cooling make holes in the face plate of your headset, I did this before I got my NOLO so can't compare. Used a cheap $20 VR headset for it

  • ok does the cable allows you to play tethered? for some reason my computer say it can't recognise the usb and its only charge my phone
  • The usb cable is for tethering yeah but I prefer wireless
  • do you use usb 3 or 2? my pc says it can't recognise the usb
  • I have LG G4 and i have the same, about 20min and goes too hot and turn off.
    My solution was easy: i was add a fan from old laptop on the 5V and stabilized by lm1117 1.8V.
    Its great, cooling down to about 35 degrees and no noise becouse on 1.8V is slowly rotating  :)
    I recommend :)

    My setup:
  • look great do you make the wind go twards your phone or take the heat out?
  • I have never tried usb tethering sorry. If I did I would use USB 3
  • ok thanks
  • USB tethering is working greate on highest settings in riftcat (2k, 60fps, 23Mbps).
    My turbine throws air on the phone back and there is small gap between phone back and headset mount so air goes even to usb plug direction.
  • I'm using an s8. It gets kinda hot but not bad. Guess the Note 7 debacle got them working hard on making a phone that stays quite cool. Also the new gear vr is completely opened.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7. I just went into airplane mode with wifi enabled seems to fix most of my overheating issue. 
  • Samsung S7 with GearVR, airplane with wifi enabled and no problems so far (played about 2 hours).
  • For me, my Note 4 in GearVR tends to get too hot anywhere between 20-30 minutes in without any external cooling.  When I use a cooling fan, it'll go till the battery dies
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    I think the key is definitely the airplane mode / turning off any 3G/4G data. It's surprising how much that can heat a phone up!
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