Controllers constantly moving backwards in Dead Effect 2 VR

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Hi gang,

so I am trying to use free movement in Dead Effect 2 VR or Arizona Sunshine and am noticing that I am constantly moving backwards, like as if my controller has the lower portion constantly pressed.... this makes no sense!! anyone else experience or tried these games and had similar experiences... so frustrating.

Edit: for some reason I think 'down' on the hepatic directional pad is constantly being pressed, but when I look at the controller in VR there is no indication it is being pressed. it is as if a down arrow is being held constantly in Arizona sunshine or Dead Effect 2 VR. I do not have this issue in Pavlov VR.


  • It seems to be those games have no deadzone, so it registers back and left constantly. I've seen it in other games too
  • Same thing happened to me with Vivecraft, constantly moving back & slightly left. 
  • If you look at VR Maniacs video of ceiling mount test with Dead Effect 2 VR, he does not have this issue. However he was using an old NOLO driver (0.4). I'm wondering if this is an issue that has come in newer builds... Does anyone know how to downgrade the nolo driver to test? 
  • Yup, I saw that video too. I suspect Riftcat was the issue but looking back VR Maniacs doesn't specify if he was using OSVR in that video. How do you even get the older drivers? 
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