Still no way to play Oculus games ??

Is there anybody who has achieved to play occulus games with Revive and Nolo ?

I use Steam VR, Revive, Riftcat, Samsung Galaxy s8 and Homido v2 and no game at all accepts to be played when it comes from the oculus library.

Chronos, Edge of Nowhere, Landfall, The Mage's Tale, even Lucky's Tale refuses to launch correctly.

Is there a way to play these games with Revive, Riftcat and Nolo ?

Thanks a lot.


  • I managed to get Lucky's Tale working with it, I was advised to use an older version of Revive (1.1.6) and that seemed to work.

    I also uninstalled and reinstalled Oculus Home which was a pain.

    Robo Recall still gave me the "hardware issue" though, so I think it's safe to say Oculus is not really supported right now by NOLO/RiftCat.
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