Anyone got the PiMax 4k & NoloVR working with the ceiling mount?

Anyone got the Pimax 4k & NoloVR working with the ceiling mount if so can you explain how?


  • Here's a guide to install NoloVR with PiMax4k

    Once done you can replace the ceiling version NoLo_USBHID.dll inside your install NoloVR directory. supports the 360 degree dll plugin

  • Nolo does not work at all. It is worthless and they will not respond back after I have asked several times for a refund. They are a scam.
  • Stop the lazy spamming @Waymos I have replied to you here:

    I wish you put as much effort (and a bit more thought) into getting your NOLO configured properly as you do spamming and lying about it.
  • No spams or lies here. They did respond to me today at 1:25 am finally. Gave me the address for refund if I want it. I have tried everything under the sun to work it properly so you can put the "A Bit more thought into my Nolo.. up your ass. 
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    @Waymos I'm really glad you got some help with your NOLO situation from their team.

    Do you agree now that they are neither a scam nor worthless? Just because you've had the very unlucky hardware defects doesn't mean you can throw those terms around lightly (and it does happen to other hardware, check the Oculus Reddit for plenty of people with brand new devices having issues too).

    Also, okay, fair point you do seem to have put some actual effort into debugging your situation. However, I have seen others come running around the forums posting "It doesn't work!" and they "spent hours on it" and after talking to them briefly over Facebook they didn't even try using the NOLO in mobile standalone mode / with the NOLO tetris app to test if their NOLO works properly without the PC.

    If you don't test it in a logical manner (eg: Does the NOLO itself light up properly? [if so, it's probably sync'd], then does it work in mobile standalone mode with NOLOTetris? [if so, then we know the phone + NOLO work properly], then does it work in NOLO visualizer [if so, then we have an issue between the NOLO PC software and RiftCat and SteamVR], and so on), then you could be blaming NOLO for something that is really unrelated to their hardware or software.
  • So far I have not been able to get them to work. Controllers as well as the head tracking are inverted. I switched the dll files and put the base flat on the ceiling with the power button facing the front.
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