white striped cabel and setup

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I have two questions:
I also have issues with the white striped cable. It seems the usb-plug is to loosley. When I connect the black cable with my phone, its working and the connection is stabil. Does anybody know, why we have to get shure to use the white striped cable for the phone, whatt is the different?
My other question is about the room setup in steam vr. At point 8 in the description, I have to press the pair button on the headsetmarker, and then start the steam setup.
How long do I have to press the button? Until the green light is flickering? Because when I don't have any headtracking. I have to start everything new. And when I press the button shortly, I dont' t get any feedback.
Thanks in advance for your answers.


  • For the usb cable - yes, striped cable isnt stable :) i was just buy a new cable :) 
    steam setup you can run from steam vr :)
    shortly press is only for calibration a floor

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    Thanks for answering :) Its also working, when you use the original calble, just change the cabels (black one for the phone and the white striped for the headsetmarker... ) ;)
    So whats different of the black and white striped?

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    You will need to cut the cable and check the wires, but im suppose the white striped is just lower quality (mayby aluminum cables or too thin) :) 
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